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hello from Ringwood, NJ

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7 minutes ago, nexnfx said:

Hi! Joined a little over a week ago and have exchanged messages with several of you. Glad to be here.



I sneeze in even numbers only

Welcome to the party! If the fire dies down grab more from the shed. Thanks sooo much!

And try the cake... it’s good!

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    • By blueraptor
      Whats sup guys , i applied for my fid and pistol permits on 10/24/17 and im still waiting for a call or letter. Hopefully, in a few weeks ill get my permits. Can anyone suggest a gunshop in north jersey,bloomfield.  Im planning to get a cz p10 and vp9
    • By 5th4x4
      After 2 decades of living in the People's Republic of New Jersey, I finally decided to try for a FPID.
      My delay in doing so was due to some bogus info I had been told regarding a criminal record (Disorderly Conduct) from 25 years ago that occurred out of state (NY).
      Obviously that did not ultimately prevent me from obtaining my NJ license (it certainly didn't prevent me from being issued an M16 in the Corps!), but according to the LEO who I dealt with, it did slow down my approval (5 months!). Seriously!!!!
      (Ok, fair enough; at least I was actually able to obtain one. That was a huge relief!)
      Anyway, the other delay in applying was based on my lack of knowing where I could go to fire a rifle in this area. It's been a really long time since I've fired a weapon, and I thought that it would be truly torturous to possess a rifle, but then not be able to fire it and get to know it. (kinda like ordering a delicious meal off of the menu.... and then only being allowed to look at it)
      There was a time when I participated on various Marine Corps forums, and I was always so frustrated by how many of my fellow jarheads in other states could enjoy such a carefree relationship with their firearms - while I felt that I was being denied even my most basic 2nd Amendment rights, simply because of where I was located.
      I'm here to acclimate myself into the NJ gun culture, and hopefully it doesn't leave me feeling too hungry.
      At this point I'm looking to (finally) purchase, and to learn what is necessary to navigate in this very restricted AO that I reside in. 
      And that's the Intro.
    • By JIG
      Just recently got my PID and starting to get into personal target shooting, as opposed to renting at a range
      I've always had great times with my family going to gun ranges (favorite being Sunset Hill in PA) so figured next step would be to start shooting at indoor ranges closer to home more often
      Glad to be in a NJ forum for a newbie like me, forgive me for the stupid questions for a while and spamming the search function
    • By bhunted
      Hello Folks,
      I stumbled in here looking for new open dates for Luciano's....
      Lived here in WP for 54 years...
      I've been into guns all my adult life.
      Haven't done much shooting lately due to time and money, but when I discovered Luciano's was opening, I was like a little kid all over again.
      One of my passions is weapons among motorcycles and such and I love my collection like kids love their Tonka Trucks...
      I'm hoping that the new Luciano's will renew my love of shooting and how can you beat that right in your own town to boot!
      They may need a permanent chair and coffee pot for me there, because there is nothing I like to do more is to BS about guns.
      Currently have about a dozen weapons... My favs being my H&K USP's and my constantly evolving Bushmaster M4...
      Most of my collection are handguns.. only 2 rifles and 1 shotgun.
      Let's see if I can remember all my babies..
      Colt Python 6" .357
      Colt Mark IV Series 70 Govt 45acp
      Browning 9mm Hi Power
      H&K USP Compact 45...
      H&K USP 40S&W
      Beretta 92S 9mm
      Mossberg 590 12 gauge shotgun with Marine Coat
      Remington 700 .308 Police Sniper package
      Bushmaster M4 .223
      I'm probably forgetting some, but that's it for now.
      Happy to find this place. Hopefully it will help me stay in touch more with NJ happenings as well as good conversation.
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    • HAHAHA,  Torx! Hopefully it was not Security Torx! I think anyone who does not work on a German car takes for granted that the majority of americans have never seen Torx bits/heads. I think my first, before buying my Beemers was the Torx head deck screws used by USPSA in CJRPC... I will say, have become a fan of Torx and have 2 or 3 sets of Torx bits... both in security and standard varieties.  You can at times, use regular allen keys for some Torx... or was it the other way around?
    • Thanks for sharing. I am fairly positive Rutgers was involved in the past with other gun policies and proposals. Would be interesting to attend to see if this will be anti violence or anti 2a.
    • Did anyone notice this? Rutgers is getting in on the Anti-2A bandwagon, hosting a seminar where our awesome Gov. Murphy will be the keynote speaker. It's going on Tuesday , April 23rd. They're increasing the brainwashing of students even more.  Liberal indoctrination at it's best of a captive audience. .... This event will introduce the Center on Gun Violence Research to the public, and allow for a broad audience to engage in a conversation about the future of gun violence prevention in NJ and throughout the country. It will begin with a keynote from Governor Phil Murphy followed by a talk from Dr. Stephanie Bonne who will present the state of affairs of gun violence in NJ. " https://gunviolenceresearchcenter.rutgers.edu/preventing-gun-violence-in-nj/ And here's the newly formed leaders: Stephanie Bonne, an assistant professor of trauma and critical care surgery at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, has become one of the nation’s leading voices on taking a public health approach to prevent gun violence. Her experience at University Hospital drove Bonne to take the lead last year on New Jersey Medical School’s winning application when Gov. Phil Murphy announced that the state was taking proposals to create a $2-million center for gun violence research, a role that has helped put her in the national spotlight. Bonne will be a keynote speaker at the inaugural conference of the New Jersey Center on Gun Violence Research on April 23. https://news.rutgers.edu/preventing-gun-violence-new-jersey/20190418#.XL5uJy-ZO7A    
    • That was a FFL about 5 years ago. Very sporadic hours back then. Hopefully better now...
    • Around these parts, Bobcat and Scag are kings and only the illegal aliens with a line of credit at Casa Depot run JDs with cheap stamped decks.
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