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I've got a Savage Mark II BRJ which features the original boyd's wooden stock that came with it.  I have an Apachee trigger mod in the rifle, set to roughly 16oz trigger pull.  Rifle is capable of sub-1" groups at 100yds when I do my part and feed it decent ammo, and I've gotten sub-0.7" groups fairly regularly lately with Lapua Center-X.  I can't afford an Anschutz rifle yet (though I've found a few that make them realistic options much sooner than expected.)  In the meantime, I'm seriously thinking of getting the Savage rifle action bedded and hopefully get that last little extra bit of accuracy outta the rifle.  I'm not quite prepared to go to a chassis system just yet.

I'm thinking of bringing the rifle somewhere to get it glass bedded - I'd rather have someone who does this regularly do it than do it myself.  Does anyone have any experience with anyone who would do this properly in Northern NJ (I'm in Morris County) who I should look into? (and any ideas of rough cost?)  Thanks!

I've found Artisan Gun Works in Andover (unknown pricing), and The Shooters Corner in Lake Hopatcong (apparently $200?) so far, but always open to suggestions or reviews.

Side-question - when a rifle is booked into a gunsmith's books, you don't have to do a NICS again when picking up, right?  Would be annoying to have spend an extra $15.

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2225 Morris Ave Rear

Union, NJ 07083
(908) 403-1757

Mike does excellent work and glass bedding is one of his specialties. You will not have to do NICS check again. 


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