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SOLD NIB Springfield TRP™ Operator / Full Length Rail

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New In Box

TRP™ Operator® Black Armory Kote™ w/ Full Length Integral Accessory Rail .45ACP
$1550.00 Plus NJ Nics and NJ Tax


Caliber: .45ACP
Recoil System: 1 Piece N.M. Full Length Guide Rod
Sights: Fully Adjustable, 3-Dot Tritium
Weight: (with Empty Magazine) 45oz
Height: 5.7"
Slide: Forged Carbon Steel, Black Armory Kote™
Barrel: 5 inch Stainless Steel Match Grade Bull
Length: 8.6"
Grip: Type Black G-10
Frame: Forged Carbon Steel, Black Armory Kote™ , With Full Length Accessory Rail
Magazines: 2 - 7 Round, Stainless Steel w/ Slam Pads
MSRP: $1,730.00

The TRP™ series of 1911s from Springfield Armory® are serious tools for the most serious of applications. These tactically proven pistols are intentionally designed to work under the worst conditions you’ll encounter. You’ll find all the quality, features and performance that you need in a 1911 of this class.

TRP™ level quality starts with the forged national match frame and slide. These are precision fit and then mated with a match grade stainless steel barrel and bushing. The 20LPI checkering on the front strap, checkered mainspring housing and G10 grips will keep this gun in your hands when the sweat and adrenaline are flowing. The crisp 4.5 – 5lb trigger pull means you can more easily put shots on target when it matters most. 3-Dot tritium sights and an extended beveled magazine will remind you that the TRP™ was designed for use in high stress places – where the environment works against target acquisition, and mag swaps have to be lightning fast. The Armory Kote™ or Stainless Steel finish will protect your TRP™ so it’s ready for the next mission.

Sometimes performance isn’t optional. When your requirements dictate that you use the best tools available, reach for the Tactical Response Pistol™.

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I’d agree with that after shooting some of my friends pretty fancy custom guns costing many times what I paid for my TRP OP. 

Also, holsters to fit that long rail can be problematic. If you are looking for a duty type, this one fits:

Model 6360
6360-560-131/132 Level 3 ALS/SLS Duty Holster STX Tactical Black Right Hand/ Left Hand

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