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CCW In NH schools

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    • I really don't think the detective that reviews applications knew either.  To pass the NRA basic pistol course, you have to shoot a qualifier at the end of the course.  The three achievement levels are called red, white, and blue.  You have to successfully achieve the red (easiest) level to pass the basic pistol class.  Note:  everybody who actually puts in any effort passes the class. Qualification for Level 1: Red is four five shot groups within the four-inch circle at 10 feet.
      Qualification for Level 2: White is four five shot groups within the four-inch circle at 15 feet.
      Qualification for Level 3: Blue is four five shot groups within the four-inch circle at 20 feet. The NRA also has a marksmanship qualification program where you can achieve several different levels from "basic" through "distinguished expert".
    • My wife was talking about us moving back to South Dakota after we retire.  We spent a lot of time there when I was on active duty.  Much lower property taxes, lower cost of living, very friendly 2A laws, beautiful part of the country as we were minutes from Mt Rushmore.  The winters can be hell, but it tends to keep a lot of the riff-raff out. The state is the size of PA with less than a million people total.  Nice place to make the retirement dollars stretch further if things don't get any better here.  
    • PA state ranges can attract an undesirable element at times.  Look for gun club ranges all over the NE PA area.  Have one just across the DWG area where membership is the same price (East Bangor Sportsman's Assn,).  In fact they have quite a few NJ members.  Most will ask for copy of your FID card as they require signed forms for background checks of PA applicants.
    • Ya, but what’s the penalty for non compliance? Will they enforce it like they enforce immigration laws? Does anyone know what happened to the bill proposed in January about featureless ARs?
    • They are available again.  I may have bought several $100 worth of these from this seller over the past year.  They always bring them back ever couple of weeks.
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