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Anyone have the MantisX training system? I just heard about it and after watching a few videos, I picked one up on Amazon.  It provides feedback during dry or live fire.  If others have it, Maybe we could create a group and compete against each other.


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Liked the concept but wish there was some way to make it work with a revolver. I saw the adapter on their website but was not impressed with it.

Just need a revolver with a rail...

I like it. My fiancé got it for me for my last birthday. Saw it come out, was going to order it, and she wanted a present that I wouldn’t buy myself.

I use it a lot with my Glock, but also picked up the adapters for my LCP and P938 (I do have the stick-on one, as well). It’s nice, because you get summaries, and told what you are likely doing wrong for the shot to wonder. I’ve always been big on CT lasers for training, but the MantisX is a very nice tool to have.

They put out the groups a couple months back, but I really haven’t followed it past the original announcement. They had mention of some people in the firearms industry being used with the group system. Interested if you guys figure out how to use groups... I’ll actually make it more of a point to use it more than I do.

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