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Upcoming Costa Ludus courses at Cobra One Tactical in Great Meadows.

5/4 to 5/6 Carbine Elements Theory 1
5/8 to 5/10 Handgun Elements Theory 1
8/31 to 9/2 Handgun Elements Theory 2
9/4 to 9/6 Vehicle Elements Theory

Contact me directly for more info jmsavio@gstbase.com

NOTE: The May courses are almost filled.


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Cobra One has Milsim field and Shoot houses,but it is a Large outdoor range with 100 foot wide Range from 250 yards. Soon to be added a dedicated Pistol pit and 500 yards long range. We've been training there for years. You can also become a member there...

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15 hours ago, Old Glock guy said:

Joe says he's considering making the 9/4-6 class shotgun.  I'm seriously considering it.  Would you still do it if it changes?

Don't own any scatter guns. With the restrictions in NJ on semi-auto shotguns, they never interested me. A Benelli M4 with an extended tube and pistol grip, sure. 5+1 and a standard stock, not so much. 


If the class changes to shotgun I'll ask for a refund. 

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Looks like Joe struck a compromise, and is now shooting for a Carbine 2 class.  Based on my experience with Costa's handgun class in May, I would recommend this to anyone who is serious about his or her training. 

Alex V, will you be going?

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Looks like Joe struck a compromise, and is now shooting for a Carbine 2 class.  Based on my experience with Costa's handgun class in May, I would recommend this to anyone who is serious about his or her training. 
Alex V, will you be going?
Where can I find more details on schedule?

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On 7/24/2018 at 4:35 PM, Old Glock guy said:

Looks like Joe struck a compromise, and is now shooting for a Carbine 2 class.  Based on my experience with Costa's handgun class in May, I would recommend this to anyone who is serious about his or her training. 

Alex V, will you be going?

Spoke with Kristen Costa on the phone today. She asked me if I wanted a refund or to take Carbine 2. I said keep the money and sign me up for Carbine 2 lol. 

If they get enough students I'll be there.

His CET1 class last spring was awesome so I would happily take CET2 after HET2. 

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      These will be in NJ Stores soon.

      100% MADE IN AMERICA.  All MODMAT rifles are made from domestic parts and assembled in New Jersey. Fully NJ and Federally compliant when purchased as a FIREARM. Total OAL 26.1″ w/ SB Tactical SBA3 Brace in closed position CERAKOTE FINISH: Blackened Cobalt, Slate Grey Burgundy Bronze, Patriot Brown or Sniper Green.  MM Exit 5.56 V2 Muzzle Brake virtually eliminates muzzle climb while shooting.  Designed and manufactured in New Jersey. Has NATO grooves for installation of blast shield or silencer. Ballistic Advantage 5.56 Government Profile, 11.5″ Carbine length AR15, Modern Series Barrel.  Machined from 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium steel with a QPQ corrosion resistant finish and M4 feed ramp extension. Ballistic Advantage .750″ pinned Lo-Pro Gas Block with QPQ corrosion resistant finish. Modern Materiel 10″ ultralight free float hand guard  – Full Picatinny top rail and M-LOK mounting in 3, 6 & 9 o’clock positions. Domestic 8620 M16 Bolt Carrier Group and 9310 bolt with QPQ corrosion resistant finish. Flattop Upper Receiver – 7075 T6 forged aluminum with ejection port cover and brass deflector. MM Lower Receiver – 7075 T6 forged aluminum with magwell texture and integrated trigger guard. Magpul MOE pistol grip with extended trigger reach for more precise trigger control. Magpul MOE MVG M-LOK vertical fore grip. SB Tactical™ Pistol Stabilizing Brace (SB3) – provides all of the advantages of a handgun, but with a third point of contact — adding greater stability, accuracy and control. Also includes: One 10/30-round Mission First Tactical (MFT) magazine. 
    • By medved11
      The cleaning out of my workbench continues with a bunch of various AR parts that I'd like to find new homes for. Please let me know if you'd like any additional pictures or info on anything (everything comes as shown - I don't have any of the original packaging for this stuff).
      All prices are for a face-to-face sale but we can work out shipping cost if needed (I'll ship in a flat rate small or medium box). I'll take 5% off the total price for anyone that takes 5 or more items from the list. I’m located in the Princeton/Hillsborough area:
      Lantac Dragon 5.56 Brake (threaded 1/2x28): ***SOLD*** BCM KAG Grip (KeyMod - has rattle can camo job): $10.00 BCM Vertical Grip (KeyMod - has rattle can camo job): $10.00 Magpul Vertical Grip (Picatinny - OD Green): ***SOLD*** Arisaka Finger Stop (MLOK): ***SOLD*** Carbine Buffer Spring (not sure which manufacturer): $5.00 Carbine Buffer (no sure which manufacturer): $10.00 Vltor 5-position Carbine Tube: $25.00 Magpul Fixed Carbine Stock (has rattle can camo job and I believe that it's OD Green underneath): ***SOLD*** Way of the Gun Sling (Coyote): $10.00
    • By medved11
      Up for sale is a lightly used Lantac Dragon muzzle brake. I had this on brake on a .223 bolt action gun for a short time and put approximately 60 rounds through it before I took it off
      SOLD for a local pickup in the Hillsborough/Princeton area (add $6 to have it shipped USPS) Very Good to Excellent condition. Comes as shown in the picture, I don't have the crush washer Caliber: 5.56x45mm Length: 2.57" Threads: Standard 1/2-28 Cross-posted, so the first unconditional "I'll take it" prevails
    • By TacticalTrainingCenter
      To promote proper firearm use and gun safety, we have our Youth Firearms Academies. These week long tactical training and safety class seek to teach your child practices for safe firearms handling, operation, and marksmanship.
      These courses are available to teens aged 13-17. With a wide array of available firearms, your teen will learn the best practices for handguns, rifles, shotguns, and even muzzle loaded firearms.
      All academy classes run Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.
      Basic Academy Dates:
      June 24th-28th
      July 22nd-26th

      Advanced Academy Dates:
      July 8th-12th
      August 5th-9th
      Learn More and Register Today
    • By bhunted
      A fellow forum was asking about a display case for his wife’s pistol I believe. So I decided after seeing some display cases for insane prices, to make my own out of more or less cheap prices. 
      This one will be for my Nighthawk Custom Falcon 1911.
      I started out with a humidor I had when I was on a cigar kick with the club.
      Humidors make perfect cases for your gun. 
      Why? Its designed to keep moisture in so your cigars don’t dry out. Ones that are well made have a nice tight seal.
      ‘But John, we don’t want to keep moisture in. It will hurt the gun’. Correctomundo! But using it to keep moisture out works too! If you are not a cigar smoker, a humidor keeps the cigars from drying out by putting a moisture pad inside. We simply won’t be using the moisture pad nor the cheapo humidity gauge they usually give you.
      So lets start. One used but still in great shape humidor with glass lid. If you don’t have one, you can pick up something decent for about $50. I added a lik leather NH tag to use to open lid. They are air tight and easier to open with something to grab.

      If you use a humidor, they sometimes come with a lil shelf and divider. Toss them.
      Next, we added a little antique bronze clasp. 5 for $12 on Amazon. They come with tiny wood screws. You’ll need a jeweler type phillips head and a small awl to start a hole. Do not screw in without a starter hole. Also a mini pad lock with skeleton key.

      Next, you’ll want something to lay in there like velvet. I chose purple velvet. Rather than buy it by the yard, I actually got 2 - 14”x14” pillow shams with zippers on Amazon for about $11...
      This is a lot cheaper than buying it by the yard plus you don’t gave to sew anything. Just stuff it and zip it.

      You will need something to stuff it. That is your choice. I already had a bag of poly fill from another project. You can even rio open al old pillow and use the guts.

      Next is rechargeable Silica packs. I got a 25 count bag cheap also on Amazon. I chose to line the bottom of the case and also throw some inside the sham.

      Once you beat it and adjust it to get in the right position, you can see how the gun sits and adjust as needed.
      Next is optional and not cheap. I picked up 2 - Sensor Push bluetooth temp/humidity sensors for $50 each. One for the box and one for my safe. After calibrating them and pairing them to my phone, I inserted one into the display case.

      You don’t have to do this but I’m a bit of a tech nerd so.... [emoji6]
      You can also use a cheap digital one too.
      This one transmits data and stores 20 points which you can set alarms in the app if moisture increases. Kind of more important in my safe but....[emoji16]
      Here is a sample of the data. I just put them in so it will take time to level off.

      That’s pretty much it. Outside of the sensors, its cheap, easy and looks great. You can fo crazy with it or go simple.

      Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    • How deep will these penetrate the skin?
    • "Avtomat Kalashnikov type semi-automatic firearms" are banned, ie Saigas, WASRs, VEPRs, etc.. YET, dealers sell them and there are thousands in NJ circulation. The NJAG Directive addressed "substantially identical" pointing out rifles, shotguns, and handguns. This KOMRAD is neither of those.
    • Michael, i read the brief on the lawsuit w/ the supreme court... one of the reasons NJ gave for outlawing guns outside the home was kind of what u said... by the time u got your gun... it would be too late.  So makes sense about not drawing a gun if you don't have time.  I have too much in NJ to just leave the State.  
    • Nothing here, go to the next house.
    • There is no "rifle' section"  "Assault firearms" means: 1. Any of the following firearms: "Avtomat Kalashnikov type semi-automatic firearms"   The gun is made by Kalashnikov USA... soo i guess that could get sticky. i would guess dropping the A in AK and adding a US could suffice...  By definition it is NOT a Avtomat Kalashnikov.. its a Kalashnikov USA Colt dropped the ar-15 and car-15 nomenclature and people own those..?  
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