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I have a bunch left that I’m to lazy to move.  They can’t be shipped and I’m not going to be driving anytime soon.  Get’em while,they last. 

I have several thousand maybe 4,000) hornady 55 grain FMJBT.  I’ll weigh the box later, discount the weight of the box and calculate how many.  They’ll go for about 50 bucks / k.  

Nearly three thousand federal SPP at 17 / k.  The odd lot will be priced appropriately.   

5k CCI #41.  22/k

cci 450 / 17 / k

wolf magnum srp 17/k 

XBR8208 8 lb jug 110. 


There’s a bunch more I’ll post up.  H110, AA#7 and some w230 open which I’ll use to sweeten a deal if anyone buys large quantity. 

400 Lapua Grendel cases 70 bucks / hundred.  I have a boat load of once fired AA Lapua cases I need to count 55 / hundred. Hornady cases 35 / 100.  

Grendel cases cross posted. 

I have a huge box of .357 JhP bullets that I’ll weigh and price.  


All the money collected will be donated to a charity I’m trying to help.  Get something that you need for a good price and help somebody out at the same time.  

I’m slammed today but feel free to text.  973-four6four-two7five8


ill get accurate counts up tonight or tomorrow and the items that I missed.  

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I saw your post on the forum and you mentioned it was okay to text, so I thought I would finalize my order with you since we've been chatting for a couple of weeks. I can meet tomorrow and have cash in hand. I would like the following…
8lb IMR XBR 8208 ($110)
1k 55gr FMJBT .224 bullets ($50)
1k Fed Small Pistol Primers ($17)
2k CCI #41 primers ($44)
100ct Hornady 6.5Grendel cases ($35)

That comes to a total of $254 and as I mentioned, I have cash in hand and willing to meet tomorrow. I would also be happy to take anything else you want to give away with a bulk purchase.

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Guys I’m going with those that called / texted cause I had no time to check the forum.  


Ill update what’s left but don’t know names to phone numbers and don’t want to publish phone number here.  If you texted me or called me you’re good. After I sort through those commitments I’ll see what’s left when these boxes empty out  


I try to don’t these sales as fairly as possible and that’s why I publish my phone number for contact    


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Thanks a ton for using your stuff to raise funds for charity.  I, along with others, really appreciate it.  

If I got the primers, cool.  If not, cool.  Let me know when you can. 



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