Tune it tonight on Fox News 8pm EST. Watters World. We dispel the myth of the AR15.

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8 minutes ago, Brownie^HP said:

Got it thanks. The Fox News Channel its channel 820 on Xfinity.

Set to DVR. Doubt I'll be back from a family event in time to catch it, but I'll be watching when I get home!

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1 minute ago, Zeke said:

Did not air

Well that sucks! The AR15s got Trumped! I would hope they will reschedule for a later date!


          Please let us know when this will be on....Thanks

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We'll see, but I seriously doubt Fox News purposely bumped the segment. Fox is known for covering Pres. Trump live, anytime he goes out and speaks to the public in these events. I don't think they could have anticipated when Pres. Trump was going to speak or for how long. 

I believe they'll reschedule it ASAP.



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