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Another good deal from Jack

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    • Waited 5.5 months for my 1st fid and 2 p2p's. Got them last Wednesday. So hard to find guns locally. I googled my ass off for 24 hours straight and constantly emailing out of state dealers. Got my 1st sig p229 elite dark delivered at dealer Saturday at noon .was told not to come in till 3pm due to overcrowding in-store. Filed nics paper and my jaw dropped when I found out it was not instant. I told my baby I would not leave her stranded. There was 1584 in que Saturday and they were working on Wednesday work. By close of business Saturday they started Thursday. Sunday they were still on Thursday w 1600 in que. Woke up Monday their still on Thursday with 1617 in que. Now waiting to see what Tuesday says .hoping Tuesday by end of day says working on Saturday. That is me wishing. More like working on Saturdays Wednesday and since .one was 330pm Saturday I will get a call Thursday. After reading on another forum. I had no clue the njsp nics was different background check than the initial njsp background check that happened right after fingerprints. That would suck to be approved for p2p and fid and spend 1200 bucks to have come this far to get denied from njsp nics. From all my hours of reading. Trust me, 100s of hours. How would the njsp nics show anything that would get me denied that the initial njsp background check didn't show ??? What really Yanks my chain. Is I paid for an expungement prior to covid and got a letter from njsp i have a clean slate but local PD still saw all of it. They said perhaps they didn't get to it due to covid but I still past the sniff test. Nothing on my record was ever charged all dismissed.   Good luck to all
    • That sucks.  I was just looking at joining them.  What happened?
    • WTF Mossberg 500 vent rib barrel 24" or 26" w/ choke tubes Black color. No rust, no shooting issue. Minor scratches are ok.
    • Hello Like the title says looking to trade or sell my Squid Industries Mako Balisong. This is the inked version so the "blade" is black. Its actually a bottle opener/trainer so its exempt from any knife laws. Fun to play around with in between opening beers without getting cut. Its in great condition 9/10, only dropped a couple of times. Looking to trade for any E series surefire complete or parts (will add if need be) or will sell for approximately $75 Feel free to message with any offers or questions. Thanks!
    • 10% off OpticsPlanet - J3AR198779FC7  
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