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Can we have this??

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It's probably not illegal in NJ yet only because they haven't seen this video yet.  Imagine the panic in Trenton when they realize it is possible to attach a gun to a gun.  They already outlaw bayonet lugs due to the high number of crimes being committed with knives that are attached to guns  <_<

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4 hours ago, 124gr9mm said:

I'm not a lawyer, but I don't thin there's anything in the current laws that ban you from storing a pistol in a stock.

But it could mke the gun "extra deadly"...

No legal problem I can see.  You're storing a gun in a gun.

1 hour ago, Bt Doctur said:

If you cant stop a threat with 4 shotgun rounds, then the pistol is worthless too.

99% of the time that's true.  But there's that 1%.  While I'm not usually one for gimmicks I can see utility in this.  

If a shotgun is your primary HD gun when you grab one outfitted with this you have your backup gun already with you.  Slower than drawing from a holster?  Sure, but if you're awakened in the middle of the night it saves the time of putting a holster on.  

Downside is if you lose your long gun you've lost all of them.  Nothing is 100%.

I think I've seen this for ARS too.

45 minutes ago, BobA said:

Could this be construed as concealed? 

Definitely concealed. Anyway you look at it.  Unless you're carrying the handgun unloaded as its in a secured (not locked) case.

Something to consider for a HD gun though.

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2 hours ago, Ray Ray said:


The AR version looks awesome.  And it is NJ legal 

I think I'd have to be fall over drunk for that to look "awesome", and the only reason it would be a possibility is because it used to happen with women I wouldn't otherwise have coitus with. 

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4 hours ago, Silence Dogood said:

I thought the whole point of a pistol was so that you could "fight your way to your carbine," or shotgun, or ?

Pistols are also useful when your long gun goes dry and they are still coming...and a lot of other reasons.

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