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Some sold, some left, some changes. By request, asking prices for individual die sets now listed.

I dropped shooting many calibers, so I am thinning out my reloading gear and components. 

Can meet in the Morristown/Randolph/Mendham area for any sale over $25. Will ship Priority Mail at cost if prepaid with postal money order.

The only item I might consider in trade is an automatic (12v electric) trap thrower.

see pics at end

Components:  ALL SOLD


All remaining sets (1,2,3,5,6) for $120 OBO.

If they don't sell as a bundle then I may divide the sets up and go the Ebay route. I initially priced the sets 25-50 each, depending (total $235). But instead, I've decided to offer the bundle at a large discount to save the time and trouble of multiple small sales, shipping etc. (basically buying 3 sets and the rest are gratus).

All dies are rust free, have scratch free interiors and produce perfect ammo. Some of the decapping pins should be replaced.

set #1:  $40

9mm RCBS carbide sizer, CH speed seater (really nice die), CH taper crimp, machinist made powder check die, 9mm loaded cartridge gauge

set #2:  $25

9mm Pacific Durachrome carbide sizer, Lee seater, Lee Factory Crimp Die

set #3:  $40

.357 mag Lyman carbide sizer, Lee seater, Lee Factory Crimp Die, machinist made powder check die, .357 mag loaded cartridge gauge

set #4:  $40 SOLD

.38 sp Lyman carbide sizer, Lee seater, Lee Factory Crimp Die, machinist made powder check die, .38 sp loaded cartridge gauge

(the top of the sizing die was milled by 3mm, does not affect function) Yes, I realize .38 and .357 typically use the same dies but it is useful to have 2 sets so you can leave them setup/adjusted for each caliber.

set #5:  $25

.45 acp Lyman carbide sizer, Lee seater, Lee Factory Crimp Die with extra seater insert to customize to your bullet shape

set #6:  $25

9mm Redding carbide sizer

.45-70 RCBS sizer (no decapping stem)

.380 acp RCBS carbide sizer (no decapping stem)

.38 sp RCBS seat/crimp (no stem)  SOLD

Misc. Reloading Equipment:

Dillon AT 500 powder die - $18 $15 https://www.dillonprecision.com/at-500-powder-die_8_4_23631.html

Dillon standard powder die (New) - $13 $10 https://www.dillonprecision.com/dillon-powder-die_8_4_23603.html

loaded cartridge counter - $25 $20







set 1.JPG

set 2.jpg

set 3.jpg

set 4.jpg

set 5.jpg

set 6.JPG

Dillon powder dies.jpg







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