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Some sold, some left, some changes. By request, asking prices for individual die sets now listed.

I dropped shooting many calibers, so I am thinning out my reloading gear and components. 

Can meet in the Morristown/Randolph/Mendham area for any sale over $25. Will ship Priority Mail at cost if prepaid with postal money order.

The only item I might consider in trade is an automatic (12v electric) trap thrower.

see pics at end

Components:  ALL SOLD


All remaining sets (1,2,3,5,6) for $120 OBO.

If they don't sell as a bundle then I may divide the sets up and go the Ebay route. I initially priced the sets 25-50 each, depending (total $235). But instead, I've decided to offer the bundle at a large discount to save the time and trouble of multiple small sales, shipping etc. (basically buying 3 sets and the rest are gratus).

All dies are rust free, have scratch free interiors and produce perfect ammo. Some of the decapping pins should be replaced.

set #1:  $40

9mm RCBS carbide sizer, CH speed seater (really nice die), CH taper crimp, machinist made powder check die, 9mm loaded cartridge gauge

set #2:  $25

9mm Pacific Durachrome carbide sizer, Lee seater, Lee Factory Crimp Die

set #3:  $40

.357 mag Lyman carbide sizer, Lee seater, Lee Factory Crimp Die, machinist made powder check die, .357 mag loaded cartridge gauge

set #4:  $40 SOLD

.38 sp Lyman carbide sizer, Lee seater, Lee Factory Crimp Die, machinist made powder check die, .38 sp loaded cartridge gauge

(the top of the sizing die was milled by 3mm, does not affect function) Yes, I realize .38 and .357 typically use the same dies but it is useful to have 2 sets so you can leave them setup/adjusted for each caliber.

set #5:  $25

.45 acp Lyman carbide sizer, Lee seater, Lee Factory Crimp Die with extra seater insert to customize to your bullet shape

set #6:  $25

9mm Redding carbide sizer

.45-70 RCBS sizer (no decapping stem)

.380 acp RCBS carbide sizer (no decapping stem)

.38 sp RCBS seat/crimp (no stem)  SOLD

Misc. Reloading Equipment:

Dillon AT 500 powder die - $18 $15 https://www.dillonprecision.com/at-500-powder-die_8_4_23631.html

Dillon standard powder die (New) - $13 $10 https://www.dillonprecision.com/dillon-powder-die_8_4_23603.html

loaded cartridge counter - $25 $20







set 1.JPG

set 2.jpg

set 3.jpg

set 4.jpg

set 5.jpg

set 6.JPG

Dillon powder dies.jpg







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    • By medved11
      Up for sale is an unused Lee Loader Kit for .44 magnum. The kit comes as shown and has all of the parts that come with the set. 
      $20 for a face-to-face sale in the Princeton/Hillsborough area

    • By rifleman
      For sale awesome MEC 9000HN Hydraulic reloading press $600 !  I already have a pair of these machines and tuned this up perfectly. It has been stripped down, cleaned, assembled, lubed and run 200 shells. They chambered and shot perfect. This machine needs nothing to start loading shells at a rate of 300 per hour. If you have a single stage or manual progressive MEC, this is the machine for you. Your arm will thank you, the hydraulic 110VAC pump has a foot pedal. It draws less than 10 amp, can plug in anywhere. The sizing collet is in perfect condition. 
      It is set up now for 1-1/8 oz 1,200 FPS velocity using Cheddite 209 primers, WIN wad & Remington Gun club hulls. These are great hulls to reload, the plastic is perfect for re-crimping. I can set it up for another load or show you how to do it. 
      This machine lists for $1,211 at Midway + shipping but you can get a machine fully set up and working for the low price of $600 ! This will produce $9 per box Winchester AA loads for about $5. Plus the machine will always have resale value, parts and service are available from MEC. I have been loading on the 9000 for 5 years and they are easy to adjust & maintain.
      But wait................. 
      Act now and included in the price is the MEC maintenance tools for adjusting base re-sizing & main spring removal ($32 value), MEC Bushing rack ($30 value), 9 bushings ($45 value) 3 charge bars ($54 value). That is over $150 worth of extra stuff that you don't have to buy! The manual is included. Man that's a lot of extra stuff.
      The extra bushings will allow you to make any 7/8 oz, 1 oz, 1-1/8 oz shell at any velocity. You can make some low recoil now noise light loads for the kids up to a killer 75 yard sporting clay crusher for the end station at Lehigh.
      OK, this sounds too good to be true but I want to sell it to a forum bud and skip the hassle of shipping it on EBay. The machine is under power and will produce shells immediately. I couldn't sell it any other way. Pickup only in Brick NJ. 
      This is not me but it is a very accurate representation of the machine. Best to call or text 732-691-8706, I don't check Forum replies too often.

    • By ezgo
      Up for sell two Lee Load-All re-loaders: 12 Gauge and 20 Gauge.  All original components and paperwork is included.  Both re-loaders work just fine, I shot many clay birds with shells that came out of this "factory".
      Reloading supplies include:
      W209 Shotgun Primers 6 boxes
      No 9 magnum shot ~35-40lb
      Hodgdon International Clay powder ~3.5lbs
      12G and 20G wadding. Bags almost full as on the picture.
      Also, hundreds of assorted once shot shotgun shells.
      You can get to reloading business right away with this package.
      I want to sell this package all at once for $150.  Would not want to break it up.

    • By Maksim
      Amazon currently has the Hornady brass tumbler listed for $27.99, shipped and sold by Amazon.  Cheapest price around for this tumbler.
      Edit:  See next post, just realized there is also free 100 bullets from Hornady, just pay shipping.  Link to rebate!
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    • A turret press is simply a single stage press with positions to hold your dies as they are needed. It's not complicated and you can take out the auto indexing rod and index it with your hand if you would like.
    • no, the government decided that only FFL's could be the people to sell you the ability to exercise your constitutional right.
    • Ive decapped and sized. I haven't swaged yet. however with the multitube adapter you can decap or resize as fast as you can pull the handle. The unit likes speed not slow cycling. This thing just cut my processing time (which takes more time than anything) by 75%!
    • No - it's a turret press. 4 dies are mounted all at the same time. Yes, it only uses 1 die at a time, but they are all staged and ready to go. It also auto indexes the turret for the next step in the process.
    • GIVE ME RECTUMS WITH MY MASHED POTATOES! Such hair-splitting bullshit.  You people must have taken lessons from ME, lol! Conflating voting laws with firearms laws and tax liability laws all rolled into one.  You people confuse yourselves.  Like lookin' for permission to breathe AIR, you ain't gonna find it in the 2C statutes OR in the orange Bible. @45Doll is livin' the dream.  He's the expert about this shit cause he already did it, is doin' it and will continue to do it! I've covered this several times throughout the years,  Pity it's so hard to use the library of those thousands of posts of mine, @Zeke and others. Nappen will tell you to use a crosswalk & look both ways.  Then you'll get a bill. In NJ there is no designation of what a residence IS within the firearms statutes.  2 days, 2 months or 20 years.  You don't need to own or rent to make residence in another state.  You could just be living there rent-free in the basement!  All that's required is some DNA on a toothbrush!  Gee that couch folds-out!  Can I pay the cable bill Uncle Steve?  Do I have metadata on my phone with a Facebook live video shot on Uncle Steve's couch with myself in pajamas?  These & other hair-splitting scenarios are plentiful. Now let's get to the brass tacks!  As they say "at the end of the day....." The kid wants to buy guns in Florida with a denial hanging over his head.  He doesn't know why he was denied & never got or responded to the denial.  Choir Boy or Rapist?  Who here knows for sure?  Maybe his name popped up on the radar screen and he was denied because his name matches a scumbag's?  And maybe the Cops never checked further for address, town, age, social security number, etc.?  Don't laugh, a member of this forum has been thru that shit already!  Or. or, or....could it be a troll from Mom's Demand? Why stop at only 2 residences?  When applying deep thinking, in regards to NJ firearms, one must always play "Pretend".  You need to pretend you own 3-4 residences within NJ (like SOME do) and then try to apply the EXEMPTIONS.  Then see where you come out.  THEN PRETEND you live in another state AND you're a nationally-ranked competitive shooter that attends matches throughout this state AND the country.  Meaning:  IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU OR YOUR SMALL WORLD! Maybe THEN some of you will STOP with the "You need a NJFPID card to own & transport" firearms into & out of NJ??? In essence, you have to remove yourself & your personal situation from the equation when answering firearms questions regarding the convoluted, vague, and often juxtaposed firearms statutes. I've been busy.  Does anyone here know that NJSP shut-down new fingerprint for firearms??? https://www.cnjfo.com/news Rosey  
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