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On 6/13/2018 at 7:40 PM, Indianajonze said:

i'd strongly suggest everyone thinking of selling their mags or butchering them to not do so. this bill is as unconstitutional as they come and will be tossed by any court in the country, including liberal ones. i haven't said much because i actually doubted it would pass. clearly our esteemed legislature are not versed on the constitution. ex post facto laws are specifically prohibited, by name, under article 1 section 10 of our trusty document. ex post facto laws are those which make illegal an act which was legal when committed. if you bought 15 round mags legally, they cannot suddenly become illegal. period. done. end of story. (as an aside, bump stock bans will fall as well). not only is murphy a moron, but he's a greedy moron as well. had he allowed simple grandfathering (like the other states have), it would have been harder to challenge. not impossible mind you, just harder. as it stands, this jackass is going to make the taxpayers pay for something that has no chance of standing. if you have 15rd mags in nj, you'll keep 15 rd mags in nj. take it to the bank. the california ban was supposed to have been in effect as of jan 1. the judge in the most liberal court in the country had to stop it for the same reason


the real question for me is where did this attorney general get his law degree? he should be disbarred for giving consent to murphy to sign the bill



Where can I send a small sum of money? Please advise.

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