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Amy Handlin of District 13 voted yes to all 6 gun laws

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Here's the complete roll call vote on A2761:

Asm.  3/26/2018  -  3RDG FINAL PASSAGE   -  Yes {48}  No {25}  Not Voting {3}  Abstains {3}  -  Roll Call

  Andrzejczak, Bob - No Armato, John - Yes Auth, Robert - No
  Barclay, Arthur - Yes Benson, Daniel R. - Yes Bramnick, Jon M. - No
  Bucco, Anthony M. - No Burzichelli, John J. - Abstain Calabrese, Clinton - Yes
  Caputo, Ralph R. - Yes Carroll, Michael Patrick - No Chaparro, Annette - Not Voting
  Chiaravalloti, Nicholas - Yes Clifton, Robert D. - No Conaway, Herb, Jr. - Yes
  Coughlin, Craig J. - Yes Dancer, Ronald S. - No Danielsen, Joe - Yes
  DeAngelo, Wayne P. - Yes DeCroce, BettyLou - No DePhillips, Christopher P. - No
  DiMaio, John - No DiMaso, Serena - No Downey, Joann - Yes
  Egan, Joseph V. - Yes Eustace, Tim - Yes Freiman, Roy - Yes
  Giblin, Thomas P. - Yes Gove, DiAnne C. - No Green, Jerry - Not Voting
  Greenwald, Louis D. - Yes Gusciora, Reed - Yes Handlin, Amy H. - Yes
  Holley, Jamel C. - Yes Houghtaling, Eric - Yes Howarth, Joe - No
  Jasey, Mila M. - Yes Jimenez, Angelica M. - Yes Johnson, Gordon M. - Yes
  Jones, Patricia Egan - Yes Karabinchak, Robert J. - Yes Kean, Sean T. - No
  Kennedy, James J. - Yes Lagana, Joseph A. - Yes Lampitt, Pamela R. - Yes
  Land, R. Bruce - No Lopez, Yvonne - Yes Mazzeo, Vincent - Yes
  McGuckin, Gregory P. - No McKeon, John F. - Yes McKnight, Angela V. - Yes
  Moriarty, Paul D. - Yes Mosquera, Gabriela M. - Yes Mukherji, Raj - Yes
  Munoz, Nancy F. - Abstain Murphy, Carol A. - Yes Peters, Ryan E. - No
  Peterson, Erik - No Pinkin, Nancy J. - Yes Pintor Marin, Eliana - Yes
  Quijano, Annette - Yes Reynolds-Jackson, Verlina - Yes Rooney, Kevin J. - No
  Rumpf, Brian E. - No Schaer, Gary S. - Yes Schepisi, Holly T. - No
  Space, Parker - No Speight, Shanique - Yes Sumter, Shavonda E. - Yes
  Taliaferro, Adam J. - Abstain Thomson, Edward H. - No Timberlake, Britnee N. - Yes
  Tucker, Cleopatra G. - Yes Vainieri Huttle, Valerie - Yes Webber, Jay - No
  Wimberly, Benjie E. - Yes Wirths, Harold J. - No Wolfe, David W. - Not Voting

Zwicker, Andrew - Yes


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Also remember that Serena DiMaso of the 13th voted NO so we need to support her.

We need a primary challenger to Handlin.

Our US Congressman Chris Smith also supports the federal AWB and voted against carry reciprocity so he also has to go.

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