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Microbreweries In NJ

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I have been getting into visiting local microbreweries lately and have tried some pretty incredible beers and some that I didn't care for but that's most of the fun, going to a place and trying a beer that you can't get anywhere else in the world. Granted that some of the larger microbreweries will sell their beer in local liquor stores and restaurants but most of what they make is only be available at the brewery.  

So far I've been to

Rinn Duin in Toms River; This place is an awesome little brewery with a Irish theme. Most of the beers are Irish and English style ales and stouts (bonus is it's walking distance from home). Growlers are available for take out.

Icarus in Lakewood; Cool place with a kinda edgy vibe. They play a lot of punk and alternative music. Wide variety of beers most were pretty good but had a few that were not to my taste. They have cans and growlers for take out.

Backwards Flag in Forked River; Everything about this place in AWESOME! Veteran owned, hires vets, and the theme is military and first responder (police, fire, EMS). Bring your patch from your dept. or unit and they will put it on the wall. The most of beers were great but my favorite was the PB&J Brown Ale. I know it sounds gross but it was delicious. Growlers are available.

Screaming Hill in Cream Ridge; Great beers, incredible location but very limited hours. Growlers are available.

Kane in Ocean: By far the largest of all the breweries that I've visited and the most beers on tap. Most of the beers were very good. "Sneak Box" is definitely one of my new favorite beers. Cans and growlers available for take out.

Tired Hands in Ardmore PA.; Now I know that the thread title is "Microbreweries in NJ" and I would like to keep to NJ breweries but this place deserves a to be mentioned. These guys brew some of the craziest most delicious beers that I have ever had and even their house beers are just a little different than anything that anybody else is doing. I only wish that they were closer. If you are ever in the area and want to try some incredible beer I definitely recommend checking them out. 


Let me know what breweries you have been to and what you thought. summer is coming and I'm planning on checking out as many as I can.


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Angry Erik's Lafayette, NJ

Tiny little place that sprang up a few years ago. Owned by a wonderful family and makes some of the best beer. Favorite here is "The Dainty Viking" A blonde ale that bashes you in the head like a shield maiden.



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7 hours ago, NEHackettstown said:

CzigMeister in Hackettstown has a very good lineup.  Great atmosphere and great service.   http://www.czigmeisterbrewing.com/

Their Prospector, a red ale, OMG good.  add a few bangers from Alpine Meat in Blairstown off the grill, nirvana.

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Cape May County has a bunch of great breweries. 

Cold Spring Brewery, attached to Cold Spring Village (a historic village with a bunch of cool exhibits in Lower Township), is NJ’s only Non-Profit brewery. They have a decent selection of good beers. 

Ludlam Island Brewery, Dennis Township, has a few beers they always offer and a few they do in limited runs. 

Cape May Brewing Company, Lower Township, is always busy and for good reason. MMM, Honey Porter, aaagh.....

7 Mile in Rio Grande is, in my opinion, ok. They are big into IPA’s and I’m not an IPA fan  

Bucket Brigade just opened in Cape May Court House. I’ve only been there once, I wasn’t feeling well so I did not get a full experience. I will reserve my opinion until I can go back. 

Mud Hen is supposed to be opening in Wildwood, They have been working on this one for over a year so we shall see.

Slack Tide in Dennis Township is ok, just ok, in my opinion  


Nauti Spirits in Lower Twp has some good stuff, I really enjoy their Gin

Cape May Distillery is ok, nothing special, in my opinion. 

There is a distillery in Wildwood which was decent, the name escapes me  

if you want to discuss Cape May County Wineries we will need a new thread  


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