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The beast from the North!

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28 minutes ago, TokenEntry said:

I believe he is referring to 300 Norma Mag. The ammo cost is more than a 50 BMG.



I am.

@Shane45 has two of these, one in 6.5Creed (AKA, the Magic Missle) and 300 Norma Magnum.  I can't afford to reload the 300NM, but I'd like to try.  

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Minor correction. The Patriot is not mine, it is inventory at the shop, Garden State Shooting Center. Mine is the Kraken which is a switch caliber setup. It can go from short action calibers like 308 to long action calibers like +338 Lapua Magnum. I got the 6.5CM and the 300NM caliber conversions.  Here is the Patriot at the shop in 6.5cm. It cant switch between short and long action but you can buy pre fit barrels in short action calibers for it.


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