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WTS Firearms Int'l Model D .380

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SOLD                WTS  Firearms Int'l Model D 380 auto.

Quick History..  Designed by Star & Colt/F.I. for possible manufacture as the Colt Pony.  Colt backed out and F.I. manufactured the pistol between 1973 and 1977 after which Iver Johnson took over.   This pistol has the Colt Serial number CPA011226.  The CPA standing for Colt Pony Auto.

This is an all steel, locked breech, scaled down 1911.  Rear adjustable sight. 

Finish...  about 85%.  Check the pics

Grips... Walnut checkered grips with F.I. Medallions in great shape.

Barrel... 3"  with a very good bore

Dimensions..  6" long   4 1/4" high and 1 1/4" wide at the grips.

Magazines... Come with one original flush mount grip and a second new Colt Govt 380 mag which extends slightly.

Issues........ FTE's.   Usually the first several mags work fine but then will consistently get an FTE in each mag.

                    This occurs with both mags and will all different ammo.     Cycling rounds manually it seems to work fine.

                    IMHO.. Probably worn extractor.  But I am positively no expert.  Appears that NUmrich has parts.

..Bottom line.. This little, all steel, 1911 fits so nice in the hand, is pretty accurate and has low recoil and it needs a good home.

Reason for selling...  Need cash for next purchase... a Browning 1911-380 Black Label Pro Compact which fills in the family

                    between the Buckmark and the Hi Power.

Have seen a couple of these sold on GB in the $400 plus area.  I am asking $200 as it has that FTE problem.














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Gun Sold

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