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“NJ legal” CZ Shadow2 model number

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Hey all,

been on the fence about getting a shadow 2 and have decided to go for it. Is there a model number that would come with 15 round (or I guess more likely 10 rd) magazines? If not, do I just forfeit the mags at my FFL and buy the appropriate mags aftermarket?

I guess another option would be to see if the FFL would directly send the 17 round mags to my mom in NC.  


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On 6/10/2018 at 0:58 PM, njitmetal said:

Thanks for the info. Who did you order yours through? I’m also in Passaic county

I got mine from Magnus Sports in Las Vegas through JJ Racaza. Take a look at Oak Hill Guns in PA too. They have them in stock regularly and the prices are good. 

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    • HAHAHA,  Torx! Hopefully it was not Security Torx! I think anyone who does not work on a German car takes for granted that the majority of americans have never seen Torx bits/heads. I think my first, before buying my Beemers was the Torx head deck screws used by USPSA in CJRPC... I will say, have become a fan of Torx and have 2 or 3 sets of Torx bits... both in security and standard varieties.  You can at times, use regular allen keys for some Torx... or was it the other way around?
    • Thanks for sharing. I am fairly positive Rutgers was involved in the past with other gun policies and proposals. Would be interesting to attend to see if this will be anti violence or anti 2a.
    • Did anyone notice this? Rutgers is getting in on the Anti-2A bandwagon, hosting a seminar where our awesome Gov. Murphy will be the keynote speaker. It's going on Tuesday , April 23rd. They're increasing the brainwashing of students even more.  Liberal indoctrination at it's best of a captive audience. .... This event will introduce the Center on Gun Violence Research to the public, and allow for a broad audience to engage in a conversation about the future of gun violence prevention in NJ and throughout the country. It will begin with a keynote from Governor Phil Murphy followed by a talk from Dr. Stephanie Bonne who will present the state of affairs of gun violence in NJ. " https://gunviolenceresearchcenter.rutgers.edu/preventing-gun-violence-in-nj/ And here's the newly formed leaders: Stephanie Bonne, an assistant professor of trauma and critical care surgery at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, has become one of the nation’s leading voices on taking a public health approach to prevent gun violence. Her experience at University Hospital drove Bonne to take the lead last year on New Jersey Medical School’s winning application when Gov. Phil Murphy announced that the state was taking proposals to create a $2-million center for gun violence research, a role that has helped put her in the national spotlight. Bonne will be a keynote speaker at the inaugural conference of the New Jersey Center on Gun Violence Research on April 23. https://news.rutgers.edu/preventing-gun-violence-new-jersey/20190418#.XL5uJy-ZO7A    
    • That was a FFL about 5 years ago. Very sporadic hours back then. Hopefully better now...
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