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Century Arms RAS47 AK47 7.63x39 $700, excellent condition,  pinned slant brake, 16.5" barrel, wood furniture, scope rail, one 10 round mag, maybe 200 rounds through it, never cleaned 

Molot VEPR12 12 gauge semi-automatic shotgun with wood thumbhole stock, one 5 round mag $925 NIB yes it's NJ legal 

HK VP9 9mm black $525 excellent condition
350 rounds through it never cleaned, Factory glow in the dark sights (not tritium), box with 2 mags 

Springfield PC9108LP 1911 TRP Armory Kote 7+1 45ACP 5" Package non-rail, night sights, with 3 mags, holster, double mag pouch, case, $1250 excellent condition 300 rounds through it, never cleaned or disassembled

All NJ Gun laws apply. 

Bergen County 

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      by Black Wire Media Wed. Nov. 13, 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us
      The Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners is proud to announce we've scheduled our first Hog Hunt of the new season for Sunday January 26th. So mark your calendars and watch for our event page & sign-up on our website (coming SOON!). The guided Hunt is ideal for beginners & anyone looking for a challenge since this is a "NO license, ANY weapon" affair held on a 150 acre island in the middle of the Susquehanna River near Harrisburg, PA. Raffles, swag, lunch included. Stay Saturday night & party with us (Dutch Treat) OR come Sunday. A great way to fill the freezer & support NJ's busiest 2A group!
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    • By Maksim
      So after discovering that I can search the Ruger site by caliber... I found this guy... the American Ranch in 7.62x39. 

      So besides that it is cheap... wondering... why?
      I suppose for hunting and cheap ammo?
      In any case... lol. yes. I will be requesting one to test when I am done with the current batch.
    • By Shooter116
      Looking to purchase a home defense style shotgun. Not looking for anything too crazy or expensive just something to keep at home. Mossberg, Remington, or Maverick would be ideal. Thank you!
    • By SJG
      This has a black milled receiver. and a Magpul FDE Zhukof  stock (which can both fold and collapse and a matching FDE hand guard. I took off the FH and installed a  Brake. Has 100 rounds fired through her. I keep this in Fl. It was won in an auction in Fl-new.  The rifle minus brake and sling lists for $1084.99 )and the brake was around $40 or so and the sling around $30.I don't need this AK it because I have 2 other AK's in Fl. To make it NJ complaint have the brake and stock pinned. FYI It will take any AKM compliant rear stock. If you pin the stock you are ready to go if you ever move or relocate the rifle to a free state-unpin. This has a milled receiver and the trigger on it is the best stock AK trigger I have ever pulled, much better than the usual Tapco G2 trigger, the stock trigger is as smooth as an aftermarket ALG Defense AK trigger. Also, the action on this rifle is very smooth. The fit and finish on this rifle is excellent and probably the best AK Century makes. It is far superior to my Arsenal and Saiga.  This takes 7. 62 x 39 steel ammo, which is dirt cheap as is a Magpul 10 round 7.62 mag. Unfortunately, it only came with a 30 round Magpul mag which you can't have in NJ. If you go to Century's website you can see a picture of this model-it is the tactical model.  It is in pristine condition and I can ship it in the original box to the FFL of your choice for compliance work and will cover the shipping. I can attest to the fact that this is a quality build and it will provide years of service. PM me if you are interested. I am asking $799 shipped to  your FFL at my cost. I would recommend Tier One to make it compliant but there are lots of FFL's that can make it complaint for you and will accept a shipment from me. Last month I purchased a Midwest Industries Side Scope rail mount (Gen 2) that is really the best mount out there. I have also owned a Regulate side mount, and in my option the Midwest Gen 2 is better. FYI Century also sells a compatible mount. The MSRP on the Midwest Gen 2 it is $150 plus shipping. If you want to run this mount, I would be willing to sell it for $100 but it is not included in my asking price of $875 One other thing, recoil management on this rifle is excellent, due in part to the fact that the receiver is milled as oppose to stamped sheet metal and that makes a big difference. Has adjustable iron sights, but can also take a scope or red dot with a mount. The hardware to accept the mount is already on the receiver.  The Sig red dot is new, paid $119 plus shipping. If you want the red dot add $100 to the price. If you want the Midwest mount add $100 to the price. The iron sights on her work fine.The rear is the leaf style AK design where you select approx range to target.  Note the stock can take any height or color Magpul cheekriser, a black low snap on or off cheek riser shown in the pict is included.
      Pm me if you have any questions and if interested. If you leave your cell number I will call to discuss whatever you want to know.
      First unqualifed "I 'll take it, gets it
      As this is being  shipped from Fl and I will be out of State, payment needs to be by discreet paypal or wire or transfer (my bank is Bank of America) or you can send me a money order or bank check. I will be back in NJ no later than 6/1, but can't bring this back with me as compliance work needs to be done on it if you intend to keep it in N.J. If not, you may not need any compliance work and if it is going to an FFL in any State where a 30 round mag is ok, I will include the mag. I also have two Magpul modified 15 rounders you can have so long as 15 is legal in the State the FFL is located in or if the FFL can modify to 10 rounds. Modification to 10 rounds is very simple Ships in the original box. This rifle will only be available to you during the month of May,  If it does not sell in May, I may either keep it or put it on consignment in Fl. So if you want it you need  to purchase it  before the end of May so I can ship it. If going to NJ you need DL and FID for the FFL transfer to you.
      Union County

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