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Old enemies

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It's been a while since I have been on the forums So I figure Why not start some pictures. The stacks would have looked better if they were all the same rifles, But I don't own enough of any one type of rifle. The Japanese stack probably would have looked better with two Type-38's and a Type-30 since they are closer in size, But I figured two Type-99's and a Type-38 fit better next to two M1 Garands and a M1903A3 Springfield.   




(The M1's are Korean War vintage not WWII which would technically not make them old enemies but I figure it was close enough for artistic purposes)

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    • By Nucrunner
      Any chance of opening a conversation on the M1 Garand?
      I’ve been looking at a couple in a LGS, I’m interested in owning one as a shooter (keeping in mind that any M1 Garand will have historical value).
      My intention is to use it as a shooter, I’d like to compete in 300 yard shoots at my range.
      The shop has 4, (I am told) they are all collector grade.
      Two Springfield’s with serial numbers in the 35xxxx... range and two H&R’s in the 56xxx...
      The SA’s are a bit lower in price, one of them has the arrangement for the grenade launcher (the medallion is attached to the stock, the launcher apparatus is separate). (I’ve already decided that since my primary reason to own one is as a shooter, that I would not get the one with the grenade launcher).
      All four have the circled P armory stamps, the H&R’s have the eagle with the stars cartouche stamps.
      The actions on all of them are smooth, all barrels are stamped as made in the early to mid 50’s, wood is nice all of them (the H&R’s are darker).  
      I know and trust the LGS owner, he has assured me that the throat erosion (<2 I believe he said)) along with the “collector grade” assure me that any of these four will make a good “shooter” and hold value.
      I’m pretty sure I’m going to “pull the trigger” on this Monday, any comments or suggestions…?
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    • What’s the lies? You dont think they’ll know what you have when they show up for a stupid reason that gives em an excuse to gun grab?

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    • Ok, thanks What if you dont have all the parts - like the floor plate is missing?
    • They can run on it, but it would not work in the national elections. Gun control would fly in the House of Reps, but it would be DOA in Senate. Look at Obama... came from Chicago.... but did not do anything on a national level. Guns are a very localized issue.  What we will see is very anti gun North East (DC to MA) + California and an apathetic to pro-gun rest of the country. 
    • That is a ridiculous comparison, a court case involving an opposition party and some judges who may be irrational, to a tradesman working at your house on inanimate-object...But we can end this pain and suffering of our conversation. I get it, you hate him, he suck's, he doesn't win. But we you have no idea what exactly he did wrong in our 10R limit case. Fare enough.
    • You'd be better off writing the shorter list:
      Pro 2A companies. You live in New Jermany, These businesses are the least of your 2A issues.