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    • By amish869
      SHUFF’S MINI-G W/ SCOUT RAIL The Mini-G is a completely new Garand carbine conversion. The key to successfully shortening the M1 Garand lies with precise bending of the op-rod. The process used in making a Shuff’s Mini-G bends the op-rod consistently to the perfect dimensions every time, ensuring that no reliability is sacrificed in the conversion process. The front handguard is also removed completely, rather than leaving a stumpy modified nub as with the old-style Tanker conversions. To further ensure reliability, the Mini-G conversion includes a Schuster adjustable gas lock screw so that you can tune your Mini-G to run reliably with whatever ammo you choose.
      above text copied from Shuff's site.
      Mini-G includes: All newly parkerized metal,  Schuster gas lock screw, Scout rail, Front orange fiberoptic front sight post, BM59 Muzzle brake, Sling. ***Mag pouch on stock is NOT included***
      A custom made leather case is included.
      IT IS FITTED WITH A NEW PEPPER LAMINATED STOCK.  Weight: Weight: 9 lb. 8 oz. Barrel length: 16.25" Shuff's in known for making the best running Tanker style Garands.
      Built off a CMP H&R Service Grade.
      Asking: $2,100.00

    • By Nucrunner
      Any chance of opening a conversation on the M1 Garand?
      I’ve been looking at a couple in a LGS, I’m interested in owning one as a shooter (keeping in mind that any M1 Garand will have historical value).
      My intention is to use it as a shooter, I’d like to compete in 300 yard shoots at my range.
      The shop has 4, (I am told) they are all collector grade.
      Two Springfield’s with serial numbers in the 35xxxx... range and two H&R’s in the 56xxx...
      The SA’s are a bit lower in price, one of them has the arrangement for the grenade launcher (the medallion is attached to the stock, the launcher apparatus is separate). (I’ve already decided that since my primary reason to own one is as a shooter, that I would not get the one with the grenade launcher).
      All four have the circled P armory stamps, the H&R’s have the eagle with the stars cartouche stamps.
      The actions on all of them are smooth, all barrels are stamped as made in the early to mid 50’s, wood is nice all of them (the H&R’s are darker).  
      I know and trust the LGS owner, he has assured me that the throat erosion (<2 I believe he said)) along with the “collector grade” assure me that any of these four will make a good “shooter” and hold value.
      I’m pretty sure I’m going to “pull the trigger” on this Monday, any comments or suggestions…?
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    • Does anyone know (first hand please) if my fiance takes my name once we're married will she have to go through the whole process to change her name on her FID?  And if so, what of her pistols?  Same thing there? And during the process is her possession in limbo?  And since her driver's license is the means of ID for the process once she gets that changed and it doesn't match her FID until she gets the new one is issued is she a criminal for the multi-month process for a new FID card?     See the goofy questions they force us to face? 
    • We definitely need an organization called "A Million Mags Against Gun Control" or "Everytown for Standard Mags"
    • Reading this thread feels like I've taken a wrong turn down a really weird street. But as for the subject started by the OP,  Kerik was on Tucker last night, and he defended the right of lawful gun owners to own  magazines holding more than ten rounds.  
    • 590a1 it has bayo luv and heat shield text me 9735087839 I’ll send pics 
    • Question is if he will sign it... likely will, but you never know with Mr Ed. If he does sign it, then NJ gun owners received an early Christmas present. That is a great case to get up to the Supreme Court, and possibly get it all knocked down. But it really comes down to is if it will be done, or more scaring of the population that the government is coming to get them. Reading the legislation, up to 17s are allowed for personal ownership/possession. Over 17s are allowed if the officer is issued it for official duty. That part will allow 30s for personal rifles that a Chief approved for duty use.