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    • By Nucrunner
      Any chance of opening a conversation on the M1 Garand?
      I’ve been looking at a couple in a LGS, I’m interested in owning one as a shooter (keeping in mind that any M1 Garand will have historical value).
      My intention is to use it as a shooter, I’d like to compete in 300 yard shoots at my range.
      The shop has 4, (I am told) they are all collector grade.
      Two Springfield’s with serial numbers in the 35xxxx... range and two H&R’s in the 56xxx...
      The SA’s are a bit lower in price, one of them has the arrangement for the grenade launcher (the medallion is attached to the stock, the launcher apparatus is separate). (I’ve already decided that since my primary reason to own one is as a shooter, that I would not get the one with the grenade launcher).
      All four have the circled P armory stamps, the H&R’s have the eagle with the stars cartouche stamps.
      The actions on all of them are smooth, all barrels are stamped as made in the early to mid 50’s, wood is nice all of them (the H&R’s are darker).  
      I know and trust the LGS owner, he has assured me that the throat erosion (<2 I believe he said)) along with the “collector grade” assure me that any of these four will make a good “shooter” and hold value.
      I’m pretty sure I’m going to “pull the trigger” on this Monday, any comments or suggestions…?
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    • Good enough 
    • Not everyone uses their rifles in the same way or for the same reasons.  Flat absolute statements of “good enough” may not  be for some folks.  Just because you don’t have the need to take a shot at 200 or longer doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t.  We need to stop assuming everyone has the same frame of reference. The truth is a 50 yard zero does not always equal a 200 yard zero and if you are looking for the ability to make a 200 yard precision shot, which is something the AR platform is completely capable of, you need to confirm at distance.
    • Have you tried 124gr ammo? Are you limp wristing it? Have you tried mag spring as well?
    • That's kinda what I was thinking too? Zombie shots at 200 yards? Taking out a neighbor down the street at 200 yards? Didn't think so. Most defensive uses would be even inside the 50 yard mark, or 10 or less like you mentioned.
    • Hello folks! So I just bought a surplus Star BM 9mm from J&G Sales a few weeks ago and I have been having some issues that I can't seem to take care of. Mostly upon extraction, spent cases are left in front of the bolt and jam the slide open. I was also experiencing some stovepipes. See the attached pictures.   (Note: This is a torn up casing and a snap cap used to re-create the look of the jam, I wasn't shooting in my house) When I first got the pistol, I had an average of 7 to 8 malfunctions out of every 100 rounds that I put through it, with 3 different brands (Winchester white box, Fiochi, and SIG Elite Performance) of 115 grain FMJ target ammo. Of these malfunctions 3 to 4 were the jam described above, 1 to 2 were stovepipes, and the others were failures to extract where the casing was still partially in the chamber. After discovering these issues I have replaced the recoil spring assembly, barrel bushing, and extractor and spring. Replacing these parts has cut the number of malfunctions down to 3 to 4 per 100 rounds, 2 to 3 being the failures pictured above, and 1 being a stovepipe. The failure to extract malfunction seems to have been taken care of though. I'm at my wits end at this point. I want this pistol to run reliably but I don't know what else I can do to fix it. Does anyone have any ideas?
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