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    • By amish869
      SHUFF’S MINI-G W/ SCOUT RAIL The Mini-G is a completely new Garand carbine conversion. The key to successfully shortening the M1 Garand lies with precise bending of the op-rod. The process used in making a Shuff’s Mini-G bends the op-rod consistently to the perfect dimensions every time, ensuring that no reliability is sacrificed in the conversion process. The front handguard is also removed completely, rather than leaving a stumpy modified nub as with the old-style Tanker conversions. To further ensure reliability, the Mini-G conversion includes a Schuster adjustable gas lock screw so that you can tune your Mini-G to run reliably with whatever ammo you choose.
      above text copied from Shuff's site.
      Mini-G includes: All newly parkerized metal,  Schuster gas lock screw, Scout rail, Front orange fiberoptic front sight post, BM59 Muzzle brake, Sling. ***Mag pouch on stock is NOT included***
      A custom made leather case is included.
      IT IS FITTED WITH A NEW PEPPER LAMINATED STOCK.  Weight: Weight: 9 lb. 8 oz. Barrel length: 16.25" Shuff's in known for making the best running Tanker style Garands.
      Built off a CMP H&R Service Grade.
      Asking: $2,100.00

    • By Nucrunner
      Any chance of opening a conversation on the M1 Garand?
      I’ve been looking at a couple in a LGS, I’m interested in owning one as a shooter (keeping in mind that any M1 Garand will have historical value).
      My intention is to use it as a shooter, I’d like to compete in 300 yard shoots at my range.
      The shop has 4, (I am told) they are all collector grade.
      Two Springfield’s with serial numbers in the 35xxxx... range and two H&R’s in the 56xxx...
      The SA’s are a bit lower in price, one of them has the arrangement for the grenade launcher (the medallion is attached to the stock, the launcher apparatus is separate). (I’ve already decided that since my primary reason to own one is as a shooter, that I would not get the one with the grenade launcher).
      All four have the circled P armory stamps, the H&R’s have the eagle with the stars cartouche stamps.
      The actions on all of them are smooth, all barrels are stamped as made in the early to mid 50’s, wood is nice all of them (the H&R’s are darker).  
      I know and trust the LGS owner, he has assured me that the throat erosion (<2 I believe he said)) along with the “collector grade” assure me that any of these four will make a good “shooter” and hold value.
      I’m pretty sure I’m going to “pull the trigger” on this Monday, any comments or suggestions…?
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    • first of all.. why are you rethreading a barrel when you remove a permanently attached brake.. I have removed 3 myself... and as long as you are cautious its not even that difficult of a job... 

      new brake goes on.. pin goes in.. weld over the pin.. 

      even if the welding portion was too much (which I could understand for someone) the rest of all of that is nonsense... 

      but this has really gotten away from the main topic.. the main topic is your questionable (at best) advice... 

      you tell people "the mag modification is OK because I talked to someone on the phone about it"
      you then go on to tell people "LAW folder is good to go because someone told me"

      and then High Exposure who I have absolutely no reason not to trust says the complete opposite and states he has it in writing... no offense but I would take his advice backed by something in writing over your opinion... 

      we have gone back and forth a million times about this mag thing and you make amazing effort to ignore the following question but I will ask one more time... just in case I am just missing it.. 

      the state says "ability to accept a detachable magazine" 
      literally meaning a box that can hold ammunition and readily feed it into a firearm.. 
      it makes NO reference to the actual removal of the magazine.. the verbiage is very clearly ABILITY TO ACCEPT.. 

      "can the gun... have a detachable magazine put in it"

      the answer is YES with all of the various mag release options.. the gun still accepts a detachable magazine.. meaning you can hold the gun in one hand.. and take a magazine in your other.. and push it into the gun.. 

      if you are "working on guns for the DOD" this should not be a complex thing for you to understand... 

      the reason they work out in CA is because they go through the trouble of defining further.. 

      "978.20(a) - Detachable Magazine The proposed definition as originally noticed to the public defined a detachable magazine as “any magazine that can be readily removed without the use of tools.” 
    • I’ll second that. Ed is a stand up guy. 
    • One would hope. The Lamp Post Diner has a pretty good staff, and owners, so I would like to think they would. 
    • Every grip screw I’ve seen has a Star washer on it. 
    • Would have been hilarious if she missed and shot No. That's a pretty cool way of proposing. One of my first dates with my wife was a trip to the shooting range up in the Poconos. They had just about every gun you could want to try in different calibers. M1 Garand was by far my favorite. They had a MP5 that was a load of fun too.

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