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Number of Rounds per Range Trip

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Depends on who's with me. Also why I'm shooting .... whether it's getting ready for hunting season or just plinking. 

Took my kids to range with 2 handguns last week....went thru almost 200 rounds of 22s and 150 of 9mm. 


If I checking my muzzleloader and shotguns (slug) I fire less than 10-15 shots. Usually less than 10. 

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With the much higher replacement cost of ammo and spot shortages I am revising my usage.  The ranges are open but I am being more conservative on my occasional range visits accompanied by the SO:

.22LR (two rifles, one revolver, one semi-auto handgun)  50 to 75 rounds.

9MM (two semi-auto handguns)  40 rounds/4 magazines

.45 ACP (one 1911 A1)  21 rounds/3 magazines

I was fortunate to have placed a big ammo order in November, 2019 at excellent prices.  I have not ordered since.

I estimate current pricing at 150 to 250 % higher than the 2029 order.  Supplies/stock seems better but prices are only slowly returning to pre-Covid levels. 

For example prices per round for decent brand brass, before Covid, peaked in 2020 and now:

.22LR - $0.05, $0.21, $0.11

9mm - $0.18, $0.60, $0.32

.45 ACP - $0.24, $0.91, $0.54

I miss being able to plink 200 rounds of .22 and shooting up more than one target each but there it is.  

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The last time I went to the range I did 50 rds of handgun, 60 rds of .223, and 10-15 rounds of 00 Buckshot... shotguns kind of suck with paper targets because the wad erases the whole sheet.

I had to make the most of my limited free time :D I usually do a box of handgun ammo at least. My next trip will include 22LR so might put a lot through that. 

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