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Looking for a mechanic

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my shop's in cherry hill. i'm FINALLY at a point where i can hire a mechanic. would be 5 days a week(6 if we get super busy and you want the extra hours), but at least every 2nd saturday would be one of those 5 days.

 i work on mostly asian imports, and american cars, and got a few euro cars. all the basic stuff. you don't need diagnostic skills, as long as you've got at least basic electrical diagnostic ability(read that.....you should at least be able to figure out a turn signal problem).

 obviously, i'm looking for honest.....don't steal from me or my customers. i'm easy to work for, but i am a bit demanding.(quite a few members on here have met me, and i think can attest to my personality) i take care of those who take care of me. i can't afford to offer any sort of health insurance, but rather just an hourly rate.


 i'm honestly not sure if i'm gonna find anyone here or not.....but i want to put it out here first, 'cause i'd rather support/employ a fellow 2a guy if i can.


 if anyone's interested, pm me, and i'll shoot ya my phone number.

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On 6/15/2018 at 5:26 PM, capt14k said:

Good luck. I may have found someone who will work out recently myself. Best part is he isn't a Millenial. So far he has fit in with my other Non-Millenial employees.

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thanks man. i don't much care what generation that a prospect is from...as long as they'll do good work, be reliable, and care about my customers as i do.

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8 hours ago, 67gtonut said:

Been this way for years now....

yea well, i've had a couple part timers over the 10 years i've had this place....1 was a friend that just needed work till his teaching(at an auto trade school) job came through. other i thought was gonna go to full time till his work went right down the shitter.....to the point he left a brake caliper so loose, that the car was back in 2 hours with nearly a grand in damage.....but thankfully no one hurt or killed.......

1 hour ago, capt14k said:


Welcome to my world.

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heh......thanks, lolol

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