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@Displaced Texan I see an acog!

2 hours ago, axeman_g said:

I want to clear some things out to make cash for a new venture. These all need to go.
Pics to follow soon.
Keltec RDB NIB. Never fired. Took it out of box to examine and put it away. Comes with accessories and 2 mags. Has a Griffin Armament SDQD brake. Fully NJ compliant
Remington 870 Express Magnum with wood furniture, 20" Rifle Sight Smooth Bore barrel and a 26" Vent Rib Barrel. Has an extended 7rd mag on, dont know manufacturer as it was on when I bought it. Great condition.
Steyr M9A1 New in Box and unfired. Comes with 2 15rd mags. Came with regular post and notch sights mounted, I have a set of Steyr Trapezoid Sights for it.
Glock 23 .40cal Gen 3. Police Trade in in A+ condition. It was never issued and stayed in storage till sold. I think 4 mags, maybe more. Glock case and tools included.
SIG M11a1 9mm is a enhanced P229. Has and SRT trigger installed and an E grip. Comes with 4 15rd mags.
$600 or $750 with kit listed below.
SIG 22lr conversion kit for P229 series guns. Will not work on P226 series.
Has 4 10rd mags.
Ammo to follow shortly.
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You got a pic of an acog. But I no see it listed above

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4 hours ago, BlueLineFish said:

As per our pm's I will take the rdb

hey./.....if yer ridin' all the way down to cherry hill for this purchase, stop by the shop if it's on a weekday. always good to meet the people on here. if you guys want, you can do the deal there too....as long as i'm open anyway.

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