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Beretta (92FS/M9) guys, assemble!

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I've been looking for a 9mm to get into competition with. I love Glock with all my heart, but I just don't feel like using it for comp. I had a p226 that I enjoyed, and the double/single transition didn't bother me. I got rid of the p226 because the placement of the slide lock did not agree with me. Fine for plinking, and I never accidentally disengaged it, but under stress I could see riding it.

That being said, while looking at the Beretta lineup on their site, I came across the Langdon M9. It looks like everything I want, including the front sight, which is a plus since you can't change it (I know about the brigadier, no I don't want a heavier gun). Problem is I can't find the gun anywhere. Is Beretta done with this variant? Hoping to pick one up in another month or so, but it looks like a limited run...

So did I miss the boat? Anything else to look at other than the Beretta?

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You're in luck: https://www.gunbroker.com/item/776915956
It's yours for $650 plus $25 for ground shipping. Of course you'll have to do something about those 15 round mags, i.e. leave them?
No you don't. Have the mags shipped with pistol to FFL. FFL blocks mags before transfer. Nothing different than before.

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15 minutes ago, Vicious said:

I'm gonna call Wednesday. I see that it has like 87 days left, which is good because I don't want to buy for another month. That's why I was wondering if this model was still being produced.

Theres nothing so special about this model that cant be done on another 92. Its just an upgrade package. in fact my 92 has most of them that I put in- locking block, oversized mag release, G lever, D spring.... I put on different grips, not those VZs and can paint the sights too if I wanted. The all metal trigger can be replaced too but i didnt see a need for that. I will admit tho its nice to get all up front on a new gun and probly cheaper too. Ask about the mags, maybe they will give you a credit for them and you can buy new 10s.

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I know I can do it all, but that is exactly how I want it out of the box without having to do a thing or drop a dime more.

The biggie for me is the front sight. I love the ameriglow sights or XS big dot with an orange dot. I know I can't have them painted, but I don't like the look or that it can rub off. I would much rather swap the stock sights, but I know the standard front is integral.

This is the 92 for me. Aside from a holster and mags, I am gtg with this one.

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