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Beat the Heat Shotgun Shoot - Clinton WMA - Sunday, July 1st @ 9AM

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Late notice but I'll be at Clinton WMA tomorrow AM and figured I'd invite everyone else.


Clinton WMA clay range in Clinton, NJ

26 New Jersey 173
Hampton, NJ 08827
Sunday, July 1st

9am at the Clay range
Please try and bring everything you can in terms of a gun, ammo, and clays.

A rough check list of what to bring:
- Gun(s)
- Ammo (birdshot #7.5, 8)
- Clays (Walmart's in Clinton, Flemington, and Phillipsburg generally stock them)
- Thrower if you have one
- Eyes and ears
- Shell pouch
- Beverages/snacks
- Dress appropriately for the weather (Sunblock!)
- Chair

If you can't bring some things, we will have plenty of stuff there. If you've never shot a shotgun before, I and others will try working with you to be able to dust a clay by the end of the day!
Gun rules to remember:

Always treat a gun as if it was loaded
Keep your finger off the trigger until you're ready to shoot
Never point the muzzle at anything you're not willing to destroy
Always be aware of your target/line of fire
For this range, keep all guns unloaded until you're on the firing line

Be smart, be safe, and we will have a fun-filled day!
Please feel free to post up with any questions or suggestions.
1.  Krdshrk +1 (Thrower, License)

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I'm trying. wife's been fighting some kind of chills/fever rollercoaster the past couple days, and I gotta be a Good Husband and not leave until she at least gets up.
[mention=7008]DeerSlayer[/mention] I have one, see the above. [emoji20]

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6 hours ago, DeerSlayer said:

It was HAF outside! But still good times. Thanks to Sota for bringing the Bantam out for the kid. He enjoyed himself. I appreciate it. Good seeing you guys too!

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