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    • By Smokin .50
      Welcome to the NEWSWIRE!  This is where to look FIRST if you want to know what's happening or will happen on the Second Amendment scene in NJ!
      I will try to cross-post timely, poignant articles for you to chat about & share.  Comments & questions are welcome, but remember I'm not a Mod.  Lurking is always allowed, but you get more if you pick my brain.  Think of this thread as a daily, interactive News Magazine, one that I shall try to update on a daily basis.
      Merry Christmas to you all!
      LOCK & LOAD!
      by Black Wire Media Friday Dec. 21, 2018 www.cnjfo.com/join-us
      The Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners is proud to announce that its' Communications Director, Theresa Inacker, will be joined by CNJFO Vice President David "Rosey" Rosenthal, for the first meeting of The New Jersey Constitutional Republicans in the coming new year. Inacker's presentation will cover turning soccer moms into 2A advocates and Rosenthal will cover how incrementalism got us to "the end of our ropes" with DISAPPEARING RIGHTS! This meeting will start promptly at 6pm on Thursday January 17, 2019 at The Grove at Centerton in Pittsgrove, NJ and is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! It will feature an interactive seminar format with Q&A from audience members.
      Joining Inacker & Rosenthal are Mark Cheeseman & Jay Factor of New Jersey Firearm Owners Syndicate to speak on the Cheeseman-Jillard lawsuit which CNJFO is helping to fund through a matching funds campaign (go to: www.cnjfo.com/page-18139 to donate & CNJFO will match it up to $5K total). This is a FREE Seminar, and patronage of the Bar & Grill is strongly encouraged, so have dinner with us (Dutch Treat) and be prepared to learn more about how NJ politicians have been screwing with our right to carry for over half a century!
      Come out and meet some of NJ's most stalwart 2nd Amendment crusaders at this history-making event! This is a FREE Seminar but we still need to know how many are coming on Thursday January 17th so an emailed RSVP is appreciated: njconstitutionalrepublicans@gmail.com . Hope you can join us for this 2A POWERHOUSE Event deep in the heart of South Jersey!
        John Robert Carman is with Theresa Marchitto Inacker and 4 others at The Grove at Centerton. 18 hrs · Elmer, NJ The New Jersey Constitutional Republicans
      cordially invite all freedom loving New Jersey
      citizens to attend a FREE seminar.
      The 2nd Amendment & New Jersey
      1st NJCR Meeting of 2019
      Thursday Evening, January 17th, 2019
      6PM The Grove at Centerton
      Pittsgrove NJ
      The infringement of 2nd Amendment Rights in New Jersey has steadily progressed for several decades. The current administration and the Democrats look to escalate the infringement of 2nd Amendment Rights for law abiding citizens in New Jersey. Organizations like the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners, Association of New Jersey Pistol & Rifle Clubs, & Anthony Colandro of Gun for Hire, NJCR member and New Jersey Firearms Owners Syndicate Founder, Mark Cheeseman and New Jersey Firearms Owners Syndicate Member, 2A Historian, Scholar and Advocate, Jay Factor are all leading the effort to preserve the citizens of New Jersey’s natural rights of legally owning and bearing firearms. NJCR is proudly dedicating our first meeting of the year to gathering all 2A advocates and defenders together to discuss actions taken to preserve the 2nd Amendment Rights of the citizens of New Jersey.
      Guest Speakers include:
      David Rosenthal - Vice President of the Coalition of NJ Firearm Owners.
      Theresa Marchitto Inacker - Communications Director for Coalition of New Jersey Firearms Owners.
      Mark Cheeseman - New Jersey Firearms Owners Syndicate Founder and NJCR member.
      Jay Factor - New Jersey Firearms Owners Syndicate Member, 2A Historian, Scholar and Advocate.
      No cost to participate, however, we ask you to patronize the Bar & Grill.
      Call 856-332-6131 or email: njconstitutionalrepublicans@gmail.com to RSVP.

    • By PD2K
      NRA has an auto template that sends your rep an email opposing the proposed new NJ gun laws:
      Mods please move if I posted in the wrong forum. Oh and sorry if this has been posted already.
    • By PD2K
      A List of the Companies Cutting Ties With the N.R.A.
      For me the only one that really hurts is Delta/United since they only game in town for the NY/NJ area. Maybe Metlife and Chubb too.
      Mods please move if posted in wrong section.
    • By NJGF
      President Trump:
      "What many people don’t understand, or don’t want to understand, is that Wayne, Chris and the folks who work so hard at the @NRA are Great People and Great American Patriots. They love our Country and will do the right thing. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!"
      6:31 AM - 22 Feb 2018
    • By Scorpio64
      You may be asking yourself, what does the bump stock ban have to do with you, especially if you dont own a bump stock. Well, if you own any semi auto rifle, it has more to do with you than you may think. In this video, MAC (Military Arms Channel) and ATF employee Rick Vasquez discuss the long reaching, and likely overreaching, authority of the ATF to regulate without legislation and how political parties use a little known backdoor to regulate without public discourse in Congress. There is also a Q&A from internet viewers.

      In a nutshell, every semi auto rifle will be affected by the proposed regulations concerning bump stocks, even if you don't own one. Among other things, ATF is now talking about regulating SA triggers and reset times. Bottom line here, the bump stock ban is not just about bump stocks. I believe it's important for you to see this, and I ask that you share this video to help get the word out.

      Here is a link to GOA where they briefly outline the ban, it's implications and a link to ATF where you can leave a comment.
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    • 325 delivered per 1k at sgammo   https://www.sgammo.com/product/wolf-ammo-sale/1000-rounds-308-win-145-grain-fmj-ammo-wolf-steel-case-non-corrosive-ammo-mfg
    • Anything that would have blown apart a perfectly good barrel, would have definitely caused other issues. Squibs don't cause damage because 1 bullet hits another, they cause damage due to over-pressure which happens the entire length of action. Blown case, blown extractor, stuck case , up to and including broken action and receiver parts. As far as accuracy being affected, well that can easily be tested; but I wouldn't jump to say that should have been immediately noticed.  If the shooter was just plinking offhand at 25 yards, then it would likely produce enough accuracy to not be obvious.    
    • Join us every Friday for our 40-yard sharp shooting competition. 40-Yard Friday’s Details: – Hit a playing card from 40 yards to qualify for the semi-finals at the end of March.
      – Iron sights, 8 shots, 9mm and above.
      – One Final sharp-shooter will win a Premium Membership valued at $495 and have Bragging Rights! Semi-finals will be held at the end of March. Stop by the TTC range and take your shot!  
    • I have a LOT of guns for sale. Have not put all the details together yet, nor pricing. PLENTY of S&W wheel guns, one Ruger Single Action, several bottom feeders as well. Lot's of long guns also. All will be listed on Gun Broker soon when I finish the details.
    • Yes sir it is indeed a model 18-3  K-22 Combat Masterpiece they made 2 Combat Masterpieces a K-22 later know as the Model 18 Combat Masterpiece and the K-38 later known as the Model 15 Combat Masterpiece .The K-22 is the exact profile as the K-38 in weight grips and sights and was developed as a training pistol for the K-38 but in caliber .22 and as such maintained the nomenclature "Combat Masterpiece" They also made K Models like the 16 and 17 and called them the K-32 and K-22 Masterpiece sans the "Combat".  

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