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NJGF Private Shoot @ RTSP

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Ok, Guys/Gals. These are some trying times for the 2A community. So, we're exploring some new NJGF events to build community, enjoy some shooting, and stand strong together!

This is a preliminary thread…if there is enough interest, I will pursue it further.

I am thinking probably September or October - a Private Meetup "after hours" at RTSP on a Sunday night from 6pm to 8pm. Pricing would be roughly $20/person (though possibly a bit more if we decide to do food also). Ammo, Accessories, Firearms would all be at RTSP Member Pricing (a generous offer from the RTSP management team)!

VIP Lounge would be open for us to hang out in. Before moving forward, I would first like to see who would be likely to attend and then we'll hammer out details: date, food or no food, payment details, etc. If there's enough interest, a date will be selected and formal announcement made. 

So, assuming you're available on the selected date... are you interested?

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9 hours ago, mossburger said:

Can you bring your own ammo if not renting a firearm? 

RTSP usually makes you buy their ammo for their rentals. I don’t know if they would make an exception for this event, i doubt it.

i just re read your question, you can bring your own ammo if not renting. 

I would be there if this gets put together.

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