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Another mags question, sorry

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So we are 10 rd now and I am sure libs are so f... happy, question: could we couple them toghether or it is also illigal? For example with part like this one? I never saw this been prohibited on paper in NJ.


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Yes. Totally legal. That’s two mags 10 rounders, not one 20 rounder.

Read the definition at 2C:39-1y:

y."Large capacity ammunition magazine" means a box, drum, tube or other container which is capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition to be fed continuously and directly therefrom into a semi-automatic firearm.

Coupled mags do not feed continuously and directly.

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I remember someone made a double 10round mag. It was two 10 rounders made as if connected butt to butt. So it was as long as a 20+ round mag.

Looked cool and I think a better solution then these side couplers.

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