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WTS: EVERYTHING MUST GO: P290RS, AR15 Upper, Quad Rail, A1 Furniture, A2 Stock

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Want to sell multiple items, everything must go!

1. Sig Sauer P290RS (restrike trigger) with 2 holsters and 3 magazines - $225

2. AR15 upper (unknown mfg) with 16" bbl and NJ legal muzzle device, no bolt. Quad rail sold separately.  Barrel needs to be tightened up - $125 --- SOLD

3. Authentic M16A1 retro furniture: pistol grip, stock, and triangular handguards - $25 for all of it --- SOLD

4. A2 Stock (blemish) - $20

5. Blackhawk SERPA holsters for Glock 19 and Glock 21 and other parts - $15 each, $35 for everything

6. P320 grips, Gen 1, medium.  Qty: 2 compact (one black, one sprayed OD green) and 1 full size in black - $15 each

7. AR15 quad rail, non-free float, for carbine length - $40 --- SOLD

OR BEST OFFER!  I want to sell these items and get some cash in my pocket.

For local pickup only in Morristown, NJ.  Valid pistol permit and driver's license required for pistol.  









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Updated sold items

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    • By medved11
      $85 shipped and insured Comes as shown (I don't have the original packaging) Scope body and glass are excellent condition The reticle can be displayed as Red or Green  PayPal preferred. If you use the Goods & Services option, then please add the appropriate percentage so that I net $85 Listing is cross-posted so preference will be given to the first unconditional "I'll take it"  


    • By medved11
      The Lantac straight-pull AR15 upper shown below is on consignment with Howell Gun Works, so the sale would be done directly through them (you can find it on their Facebook page); however, I can help answer any questions that you may have here. 
      Lantac Straight Pull AR15 Upper: $500 Lantac 18 inch 1:8 barrel chambered in .223 Wylde: chambering allows you to shoot either .223 or 5.56 specifically designed for manually cycled straight-pull rifles (no gas port) Lantac SPADA-M 15" forend (M-LOK) Lantac side charging upper receiver Lantac Dragon muzzle brake the brake is not pinned since this is not a semi-auto upper Lantac Enhanced straight pull side-charging BCG you manually cycle the action -  similar to a bolt action but much faster because there is no vertical movement required - just pull the side charging handle back to extract and rechamber) the BCG is specifically designed for manual cycling - there is not gas key on the carrier Lantac Raptor charging handle provides the option to cycle the action like a "normal" AR if desired (it's much easier and efficient to use the side charger)  
    • By medved11
      The cleaning out of my workbench continues with a bunch of various AR parts that I'd like to find new homes for. Please let me know if you'd like any additional pictures or info on anything (everything comes as shown - I don't have any of the original packaging for this stuff).
      All prices are for a face-to-face sale but we can work out shipping cost if needed (I'll ship in a flat rate small or medium box). I'll take 5% off the total price for anyone that takes 5 or more items from the list. I’m located in the Princeton/Hillsborough area:
      Lantac Dragon 5.56 Brake (threaded 1/2x28): ***SOLD*** BCM KAG Grip (KeyMod - has rattle can camo job): $10.00 BCM Vertical Grip (KeyMod - has rattle can camo job): $10.00 Magpul Vertical Grip (Picatinny - OD Green): ***SOLD*** Arisaka Finger Stop (MLOK): ***SOLD*** Carbine Buffer Spring (not sure which manufacturer): $5.00 Carbine Buffer (no sure which manufacturer): $10.00 Vltor 5-position Carbine Tube: $25.00 Magpul Fixed Carbine Stock (has rattle can camo job and I believe that it's OD Green underneath): ***SOLD*** Way of the Gun Sling (Coyote): ***SOLD***
    • By Blank
      These will be in NJ Stores soon.

      100% MADE IN AMERICA.  All MODMAT rifles are made from domestic parts and assembled in New Jersey. Fully NJ and Federally compliant when purchased as a FIREARM. Total OAL 26.1″ w/ SB Tactical SBA3 Brace in closed position CERAKOTE FINISH: Blackened Cobalt, Slate Grey Burgundy Bronze, Patriot Brown or Sniper Green.  MM Exit 5.56 V2 Muzzle Brake virtually eliminates muzzle climb while shooting.  Designed and manufactured in New Jersey. Has NATO grooves for installation of blast shield or silencer. Ballistic Advantage 5.56 Government Profile, 11.5″ Carbine length AR15, Modern Series Barrel.  Machined from 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium steel with a QPQ corrosion resistant finish and M4 feed ramp extension. Ballistic Advantage .750″ pinned Lo-Pro Gas Block with QPQ corrosion resistant finish. Modern Materiel 10″ ultralight free float hand guard  – Full Picatinny top rail and M-LOK mounting in 3, 6 & 9 o’clock positions. Domestic 8620 M16 Bolt Carrier Group and 9310 bolt with QPQ corrosion resistant finish. Flattop Upper Receiver – 7075 T6 forged aluminum with ejection port cover and brass deflector. MM Lower Receiver – 7075 T6 forged aluminum with magwell texture and integrated trigger guard. Magpul MOE pistol grip with extended trigger reach for more precise trigger control. Magpul MOE MVG M-LOK vertical fore grip. SB Tactical™ Pistol Stabilizing Brace (SB3) – provides all of the advantages of a handgun, but with a third point of contact — adding greater stability, accuracy and control. Also includes: One 10/30-round Mission First Tactical (MFT) magazine. 
    • By medved11
      Up for sale is a lightly used Lantac Dragon muzzle brake. I had this on brake on a .223 bolt action gun for a short time and put approximately 60 rounds through it before I took it off
      SOLD for a local pickup in the Hillsborough/Princeton area (add $6 to have it shipped USPS) Very Good to Excellent condition. Comes as shown in the picture, I don't have the crush washer Caliber: 5.56x45mm Length: 2.57" Threads: Standard 1/2-28 Cross-posted, so the first unconditional "I'll take it" prevails
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    • You might be right. But for the sake of argument, here is a quote by Nappen in his book New Jersey Gun Law Guide quote —  Please note that under Federal law, dual residency is recognized for handgun purchase purposes under Title 27, CFR Part 478.11. This Regulation as defined gives the following definition and specific examples of dual residency:  The State of Residence is the State in which an individual resides. An individual resides in a State if he or she is present in a State with the intention of making a home in that State. ... The following are examples that illustrate this definition:  ... Example 2 - 'A' maintains a home in State 'X' and a home in State 'Y'. 'A' resides in State 'X' except for weekends or the summer months of the year and in State 'Y' for the weekends or the summer months of the year. During the time that 'A' actually resides in State 'X', 'A' is a resident of State 'X', and during the time that 'A' actually resides in State 'Y', 'A' is a resident of State 'Y'.  ... A person who qualifies under the Federal requirements may purchase handguns in other states while a resident of the other state and lawfully transport them and possess them in New Jersey without needing a NJ FPID or PPP or registration under the Federal law of USC 18 926A and the NJ law exemptions of NJS 2C:39-6. — sorry for the walls of text. I’m about to do it to you again. Here’s some ATF quotes on ID.  "Licensees may accept a combination of valid government-issued documents to satisfy the identification document requirements of the Brady Act. The required valid government-issued photo identification document bearing the name, photograph, and date of birth of the transferee may be supplemented by another valid, government-issued document showing the transferee's residence address. A member of the Armed Forces on active duty is a resident of the State in which his or her permanent duty station is located, and may satisfy the identification document requirement by presenting his or her military identification card along with official orders showing that his or her permanent duty station is within the State where the licensed premises are located. “   Heres some of their secondary forms of ID..    The following secondary forms of ID are acceptable: •    ⁠A current lease. •    ⁠Evidence of currently paid personal property tax or real estate tax. •    ⁠A current utility or telephone bill. •    ⁠A current voter registration card. •    ⁠A current bank check. •    ⁠A current passport (must include an address). •    ⁠A current automobile registration. •    ⁠A current hunting or fishing license   so, my father could simply use a quit claim deed and get me off it and make me a lease holder under him and this would satisfy it since the bills are in his name alone.    Seems like considering all this, IMO, I look good. Though I’m a fool so don’t listen to me. 
    • You're a young guy with a long life in front of you, so I would strongly recommend that you NOT bring any firearms into NJ until you sort out the issue with your FID. You may have the letter of the law on your side, but when firearms are concerned that doesn't always help in NJ. If something goes sideways now you'll have a LONG life ahead of you trying to skirt the law and potentially lose your gun rights permanently in NJ.  
    • I can tell you what Nappen will say. "Don't do it". The reason?  He always goes that way for everything.  If there is a 100% safe option, that's what he will chose. He will probably tell you that he can get you your NJ Firearms Purchase ID and he's probably right.    2 years later and 10 grand lighter, it'll probably be in your pocket.  
    • so basically never put anything but a rifle buttstock and keep a 16in or longer barrel and it's good?  there shouldn't be any issues releasing the lower to me without a buttstock attached, right?
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