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    • I can't buy a Turkish gun, but I would love one.  Maybe a used Beretta.
    • Nice work Virginia!  They accomplished something we have been incapable of here in NJ:  Stopping an out of control Democratic majority hell bent on stripping 2A rights. 
    • @High Exposure: Now that I have put 200+ rounds through my “Frankenstine” modified Glock 17, Gen4, I realize that your point about making too many modifications at once can be problematic in diagnosing separate issues and problems that requires tweaking.  During this testing on the range, I discovered that the Magpul GL Enhanced Magwell really did not work as advertised and would occasionally, (approximately once every five times), prevent a secure set connection of my loaded magazine inside within the receiver grip.  So I just removed the Magwel.  Also, it was apparent very early on that the Chambermax TA-1 charging handle was impeding the full sliding back and forth action of the slide when firing the gun, preventing the slide from returning to its loaded and ready position.  I also removed it and put the original slide cover plate back on.  I have now placed a purchase order online for the Vickers Tactical Slide Racker GSR-03, to take its place, which I hope works better and will ultimately make racking the slide easier with the Aimpoint ACRO red dot on top of it. The Aimpoint ACRO P-1 red dot sight is cool and once zeroed, makes accurately aiming at a distance over 10 yards quicker than just using the iron, (Trijicon Suppressor Night Sights).  It does make the handgun much bulkier than without it.  While I am glad that I did this addition, satisfying my curiosity, as well as joining the contingent of gun owners who are jumping on the growing bandwagon trend towards adding a red dot sight to a handgun, it also has been quite a learning experience.  As I stated in an earlier post, my modified Glock is intended to be used as a recreational gun to be used for target practice and not as a basic, dependable firearm for home/personal defense.  In my opinion, other than being an added benefit for competitive gun events, I think that the red dot sights on handguns may be somewhat of a fad or novelty as a new technological tool.  The fact that it requires batteries is just one more thing that needs to be monitored and serviced. From what I have read, I understand that for almost all personal/home defense scenarios, the range between you and the threat will be less than 15 yards (45 ft).  At that distance, along with the adrenaline induced awareness/tenseness and accelerated quickness of a required response, I believe that just using the iron sights would be sufficient for aiming.  At a closer range, say 10 yards or less, one may not really even use the sights in what presumably would be a very quick reaction time of pointing and shooting at the center of mass of the threatening person.  IMHO, the red dot sights make far more sense on a rifle where the target is at a distance of over 25 yards or more. AVB-AMG
    • i'm one of those ones without actual data. what i do have however is what i see with my own 2 eyes when customers come in. when the customer opens up their wallet and they've got 12 credit/debit cards, it paints a clear picture. when you know a guy's a public defender(which i think is decent money, but not great money), and you see they live in the expensive section of town, it paints a picture.
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