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Looking for Stripped AR15 Lower(s)

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I live in Sussex County And i am looking for Lower recievers for AR-15. Could be Multi or 5.56/.223 If the price is right or willing to work with me. I may be into buying 3 or 4 or 5. I dont wanna spend 100 per lower thow. Let me know what ya got and the price and price if we do like a package deal.  Pic just for attention. Thank ya!STLS016PAP_01.jpg

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e arms has aero lowers for 50, lpk for 35, both free shipping.  Don't overpay, ship to your ffl and boom.  If not, Steve has Anderson for like 60 out the door and lpk are cheap enough to get.

if buying from forum, deduct the transfer fees.  No way you should pay those on a ftf transaction

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