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Installer Wanted - south jersey, philly area

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Hi, I install deck and patio shade structures in northern NJ and lower NY.

We need someone to install in south jersey and Philly area, our guy in that area just retired.

Our shade systems can be seen at the manufacturer's website;


email me if interested,





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    • first of all.. why are you rethreading a barrel when you remove a permanently attached brake.. I have removed 3 myself... and as long as you are cautious its not even that difficult of a job... 

      new brake goes on.. pin goes in.. weld over the pin.. 

      even if the welding portion was too much (which I could understand for someone) the rest of all of that is nonsense... 

      but this has really gotten away from the main topic.. the main topic is your questionable (at best) advice... 

      you tell people "the mag modification is OK because I talked to someone on the phone about it"
      you then go on to tell people "LAW folder is good to go because someone told me"

      and then High Exposure who I have absolutely no reason not to trust says the complete opposite and states he has it in writing... no offense but I would take his advice backed by something in writing over your opinion... 

      we have gone back and forth a million times about this mag thing and you make amazing effort to ignore the following question but I will ask one more time... just in case I am just missing it.. 

      the state says "ability to accept a detachable magazine" 
      literally meaning a box that can hold ammunition and readily feed it into a firearm.. 
      it makes NO reference to the actual removal of the magazine.. the verbiage is very clearly ABILITY TO ACCEPT.. 

      "can the gun... have a detachable magazine put in it"

      the answer is YES with all of the various mag release options.. the gun still accepts a detachable magazine.. meaning you can hold the gun in one hand.. and take a magazine in your other.. and push it into the gun.. 

      if you are "working on guns for the DOD" this should not be a complex thing for you to understand... 

      the reason they work out in CA is because they go through the trouble of defining further.. 

      "978.20(a) - Detachable Magazine The proposed definition as originally noticed to the public defined a detachable magazine as “any magazine that can be readily removed without the use of tools.” 
    • I’ll second that. Ed is a stand up guy. 
    • One would hope. The Lamp Post Diner has a pretty good staff, and owners, so I would like to think they would. 
    • Every grip screw I’ve seen has a Star washer on it. 
    • Would have been hilarious if she missed and shot No. That's a pretty cool way of proposing. One of my first dates with my wife was a trip to the shooting range up in the Poconos. They had just about every gun you could want to try in different calibers. M1 Garand was by far my favorite. They had a MP5 that was a load of fun too.

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