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Any N-SSA Shooters?

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I live within an hour of Ft Shenandoah and heard bout the North-South Shooting Association (N-SSA) from a guy at a gun shop.  It seems very interesting to me.  They shoot civil war era guns, reproductions are allowed if on the approved list.  I was wondering if anyone on the forum has any experience or insight into this type of shooting.  I will be going to watch a match this weekend.  It looks huge and there are teams from all over that attend.

I started looking at the approved list of guns and have no real clue about what to buy.  Any insight is greatly appreciated.

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This could be fun outing, You should have some fundamentals from history class. I think if you go online and search you should be able to find a lot of info. someone on the forums does the reenacting of civil war era maybe if still on the forums he can chime in. I forget who it was but maybe search this forum for it.

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Jim read through there website,  http://www.n-ssa.org/join-a-team  if you have the time this could be a lot of fun. I am thinking replica Musket with flint lock. your bit younger than me but in 6th grade they use to do a reenactment in the assembly room and they would actually shoot a musket off on stage with cotton ball. Those were the days school would actually bring in live weapon and shoot it off on stage. 

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