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Any 600+ yard range in NJ or PA but near NJ?

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hi guys, I am trying to get into precision shooting. I wonder if there is any 600 yard or beyond distance range for public use in NJ or PA (but better be close to mid-NJ). I currently only go to Range 14 and use their 200-yard range, which becomes less challenging as my skill grows. 

also, my job keeps me very busy so I can only spend a weekend day at range, which is why I don't want to join a shooting club. I simply can't always do my duties as a member. 

anyway...the goal is to find ranges like Range 14 (no member duties) but with longer distance rifle ranges. Thanks!

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There are three 600+yd ranges within reasonable travel distance of most of NJ

There is Cumberland Riflemen in Millville (Cumberland County) NJ where I am a member and also part of the HighPower committee that runs the NRA matches. There's one more weekend left this season at Cumberland. Check out the match info at http://www.CumberlandMatches.com and the club site at http://www.CumberlandRiflemen.com

In Gap PA (Lancaster County, I believe) is New Holland Rifle and Pistol Club. They also host a variety of NRA High Power matches. http://www.nhrpc.org

Lastly, there is Bridgeville Rifle and Pistol Club in Bridgeville (slower Delaware, south of Dover) which has a 1000yd range and hosts both 600 and 1000yd matches http://bville-rifle-pistol.org

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