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Hi All:

New shooter here.  Have wanted to take up shooting for a while and my wife finally nudged me enough to do it.  Have taken some courses thru my local FFL dealer, certified NRA trainer.  Recently purchased and picked up my first handgun- Beretta APX 9mm FDE.  Love it!  Waiting for 30 days to be up so I can pick up my second, .22 M&P Compact.  The .22 will also be the gun that my wife and 10 year old son will shoot, after they both complete their training courses.  Shooting for sport and the fun of it.  



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Welcome to the shooting sports, Steve. We LOVE to see new recruits!

And welcome to our motley crew here at NJGF, also! :D It occasionally gets feisty here (as all Internet sites do on occasion, lol), but stick around and you'll find a TON of knowledgeable people on here who'll be delighted to answer any questions you might have.

Have fun!

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11 hours ago, gleninjersey said:

Welcome to the forum and the shooting fraternity.  Where do you shoot at?

Great job getting the family involved!



Thank you. I"m in Princeton and shoot at TTC up in Flemington, so far.  My FFL is affiliated with CRRC in West Windsor, so will check that out shortly.  

10 hours ago, Lambo2936 said:

Im down in Gloucester county but if you ever want to get together to shoot, just let me know! Have all sorts of steel targets and various firearms you can try out! Unfortunately guests are limited to two, though.

Thank you!

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