Beretta 92S (Surplus)

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I picked one up about 6 months ago from SouthernOhioGuns with a little help from my FFL.  It's in nice shape and came with a second mag.  Be aware the mag release is on the grip heel so not all later mags may fit.  I shot it once at the range, it felt just like an old stock Beretta but with lousy sights.  For the money it's a decent buy IMO.  A bit of honest wear on the slide and frame but functions 100%.

I grabbed it without really researching the model, with the intention of mounting a RDS on it with a dovetail mounting plate.  Come to find out the early model have a different dovetail that won't work for what I wanted.

For the money it's not worth selling but I probably won't shoot it either.   I'd consider selling it but I'm in NH and it's probably not worth the shipping cost and transfer fee to get it to you. 

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I almost bought one myself (I still might, I have a second permit) but I wanted a different model.  Factory Beretta OEM magazines are all cut for the bottom magazine release, so stick with them.  

They are shooters and there are tons of them out there.   

Buy one and be happy.

@mustang69, pics!

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