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Shot Show 2019 - Las Vegas

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Anyone from here going?  

Things are finally freeing up a tad here and will be able to attend.  NJGF will be represented by @Krdshrk and myself.  We will be attending the show and the invite only Media Day at the Range.

I do have one more invite available as part of our crew, although it is time sensitive.  If you are interested in going, let me know.  Dates are Jan 21st through 25th.

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    • By Maksim
      Gearing up and getting ready for Shot Show next week.
      We already know most of the big announcements however I am sure there will be more new stuff from other companies.
      I have already asked this on my personal Facebook profile, in our NJGF page/group, and on my YouTube channel.
      What do you want to see or get covered?
      My schedule is already booked solid Monday through Thursday, with a few spaces avail still on Friday.  There is a good group of us going from the forum, including members, and FFLs.
      NJGF Crew - @Krdshrk @Lakota @weekend_junkie.are going for sure.  Three others I have not confirmed.
      Also part of our crew are three great friends and FFLs, 2 of which are vendors.  @tj462nj @FreedomSportsLLC and @swatfirearms.
      A few of their friends and/or employees are attending, so close to 15 of us. =P
      The goal is to have at least a few videos per day from the show and will have an editor on site.  If anyone still wants to make it... let me know... POSSIBLE we may be able to make it work.
      Videos will be on the youtube channel, www.youtube.com/slavguns
    • By Maksim
      In just under a week the NJGF crew will be heading to Shot Show in Vegas.  This year there will be 3 forum members going and will be there for the extent of the show.
      So... any guns or aspects of the show you want to make sure are covered?
      On my list right now are the new Glock twins, 43X and 48 and the new Colt King Cobra.
      What else?
    • By OfcrFek
    • By Maksim
      Just got back from Media Day 2012 for Shot Show. Holy crap, what an epic day.
      Shot out to 960 meters with a 416 Barret, shot clays with 3 gun open guns, and $$$$ Browning shot guns, blasted steel with high end Sphinx IPSC guns, shot both semi auto suppressed Kriss Vectors, and Select Fire SBR Kriss Vectors, Suppressed 300 AAC Blackout S&W M&P 15 rifle? check. Wasted hundreds of dollars of Winchester zombie ammo? Check. Shot over priced HK, cause we're better than you rifles? Check. Shot the brand new Sig P224 and chatted with the lead designer of the gun? Check. How about a new pocket 45 XD Slim? Check.
      Chatted with Jerry Mucilek, Rob Leathen, JJ, Taran, Rob Pincus, and all the other who's who in the shooting community.
      Wayyyyyyyyy tooo much fun. Ask away, and will be sure to put it into the blog entry with some videos.
      This is by far, the most fun Jon and I have had at the range. EVER!
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