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WTS: H&K P7 9mm w/ box, holster and 5 magazines

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Thinning the heard a bit. 

Clean H&K P7 that I picked up some time ago.  Unfortunately this gun has been a safe queen.  

Gun comes with original box, matching the serial number and 5 genuine H&K magazines which are now around $85 to $100 a piece.  Also including a new IWB leather/kydex Mackenzie holster.

Gun was made 10/1986.  There is some holster wear consistent with the gun's military/police use.   Can keep as is or refinish in the future.  

These guns are obviously no longer produced and have been shooting up in price and becoming collector pieces.

$1,650 delivered to your NJ FFL, prefer NJGF Vendor.  Transfer fees are on your end.






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    • By medved11
      Up for sale is my Vortex Spitfire 1x DRT prism scope. The scope functions fine and the housing and glass are in excellent condition. The only wear that I can find on it is the underside of the mount where it was clamping to the rail on my AR (see picture below). The scope has both red and green reticles and has seen moderate use and has been 100% reliable. The reticles may look a little blurry in the pictures but they are clear in real life (reticle pics are always difficult).
      $125 for a local pick-up (add $5 if you want it shipped) Located in the Hillsborough/Princeton area  Scope is cross-posted so the first unconditional "I'll take it" prevails

    • By medved11
      Up for sale is a complete Lantac Straight Pull AR upper. This upper has no gas system parts compatibility by design and is completely manual in terms of cycling the action.
      The upper is factory built by Lantac (shows as part number 01-CU-18-USC-SP in their 2018 catalog). I bought this over a year ago when I saw it in a display case and it's spent the entire time sitting in the safe attached to a lower but never fired. I don't foresee myself using it, so I'd like to find it a new home:
      $875 $775 for an in-person sale (I'm in the Hillsborough/Princeton area) This listing is for an upper only - no lower receiver is included in the sale Parts List (100% Lantac) 18" Lantac Raven Barrel (part #LA00237) .223 Wylde chamber 1:8 twist No gas port drilled Lantac Dragon Brake (part #DGN556B) 15" Spada-M Handguard (part #01-HG-015-SPADA-M) USC Side-Charging Upper (part #LA00276) Note: the takedown pins in my Spikes lower were a tight fit for this upper  Radian Raptor Charging Handle E-BCG Straight Pull Bolt Carrier Group (part #01-UP-SP-NIT-EBCG) Carrier does not have a gas key (straight pull only) The bolt comes with a couple different interchangeable handle  


    • By medved11
      Up for sale is a lightly used Lantac Dragon muzzle brake. I had this on brake on a .223 bolt action gun for a short time and put approximately 60 rounds through it before I took it off
      $60 for a local pickup in the Hillsborough/Princeton area (add $6 to have it shipped USPS) Very Good to Excellent condition. Comes as shown in the picture, I don't have the crush washer Caliber: 5.56x45mm Length: 2.57" Threads: Standard 1/2-28 Cross-posted, so the first unconditional "I'll take it" prevails
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      All parts are listed below are brand new - I only opened up the packaging to inspect and then put everything away in my workbench.  
      The parts are cross-posted on another forum, so please post an "I'll take it" followed by a PM so I know who has first dibs. The first unconditional "I'll take it" wins. 
      Spikes Tactical Stripped Upper Receiver (SFT50M4): SOLD Link to manufacturer's description: https://www.spikestactical.com/collections/parts/m4-flat-top-upper/
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      Up for sale is my Mega Arms Orias (MLOK) chassis:
      Asking SOLD for a local pick-up Remington 700 Short Action Includes a "Type 2" Trunnion which allows beavertail (or straight) AR pistol grips to be installed) MLOK slots at the 3, 6, and 9 o'clock positions Can handle any barrel contour up to MTU Professionally Cerakoted in subdued Kryptek by Mike at Tier One Defense Includes the following: XLR Industries Folding Mechanism LUTH AR MBA3 Buttstock Mega Arms pistol grip Chassis is in excellent condition with some very minor wear around the magazine well and trigger guard I originally had my .223 Wylde barreled action sitting in this chassis until I repurposed the receiver for another build. I included a picture of that build to show how the chassis looks with a 16.5” barrel (sale is for the chassis only) I've got this cross-posted, so please post an "I'll take it" followed by a PM

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    • The permit was used specifically for that gun, so it's gone.  
    • I have to take recertification/continuing education trainings for my job through Rutgers university behavioral health.  Two of the last three trainings had speakers that could not help themselves when it came to inappropriately expressing anti-gun opinions.  And one was about "Gang culture," but the speaker was not against gang culture! They had one this season called home grown terrorism and mental health screening.  I guess there is a chance for objectivity, but I find that chance to be even smaller if not nonexistant in New Jersey.
    • Hi everyone, I recently bought a Sig P226 online and need to return it. They’ve accepted the return but was wondering did I just lose one of my handgun permits or will I get another due to me not keeping the gun?    Thanks 
    • Not bad.... figures... paid only $519 for mine.... worth it for the 12 rounder. paid 49 for that bad boy.    
    • Yes he is.  Either way, I would rather do it all or not half way it. 
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