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WTS: Smith & Wesson 686-6 5" .357/.38 Special 7 Shot Revolver

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Another one of my guns that has been a safe queen for many years.

Smith & Wesson Model 686-6 revolver. 5" barrel.  7 rounds, 357 or 38 special.

Gun came original with front HiViz sight and very nice contoured wood grips.  

$700 dropped off at your local NJ FFL, preferably an NJGF vendor.







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34 minutes ago, Ray Ray said:

Tempting.   Wish it was a + and 7 inchs.  

Edit, it is a 7 shooter

Yes, this 686-6 is a 7 shot.

Sometimes 5" is easier to handle and move around.  7" despite being bigger, is not always better or appreciated.

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