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SCAR17,Larue OBR, Tavor X95, SR15E3-Mod1

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All are NJ Compliant. All are for inspection/pickup at Garden State Shooting Center in Lakewood. Two of my pets need expensive surgeries so....gotta move some things. As most of you know I do the compliance work at GSSC. I did the work on the SCAR and the Tavor. Larue did the OBR at the factory and I do not know who did the SR15 but it is reasonably well done. 

1st up is a SCAR 17 with a geissele  trigger, 3  factory fn 10 round mags, MREX 6.5 rail, spare lower with stock trigger from Stryker Ind(modified by stryker for pmags, was before their lower offering) Round count around 500. Some marks on rails from optics on and off.

Rifle and mags only, no optics or mounts included but could be for additional price. $3k

Earlier, sought after, Larue OBR in 308 with added options. I have shot into the .3's with this rifle. Extremely accurate. Xtran model from when Larue was using the Lothar Walther barrel. Has the switch block upgrade, stock upgrade, and Surefire brake upgrade from factory. This rifle was closing in on 4k new.

Optics, Bipod, Mounts not included. Round count is under 300. $2900. Would sell the Hensoldt 4X16 FFP MD for $2800 but the mount is not for sale.

New, unfired(outside of factory) X95 in OD green. Has a Lantec Dragon brake installed. Optics/mount and grip not included. $1650

Used SR15 E3 Mod1. I bought it used. Owner said less than 500. Minor wear on muzzle brake, looks like from going in and out of a soft gun case. I will need to take pics and put them up. $1650

At asking price I will pay transfer fee at GSSC. No low ball offers please but you can make an offer, worst case I decline. No rifle trades as I will not be in NJ much longer so I will re-aquire non neutered replacements down the road. No trades until I secure the funds needed for surgery.

Please shoot me a msg if interested. 




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Sorry for the delay, will get pics up asap. 

Keep in mind that a $150 to $200 brake and $75 to $125 or(or $200 in the case of the SCAR)  in compliance work add a bit to these rifles. So if you were thinking about any of these here is a chance to save some money :)

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