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Help ID Garand Barrel

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3 minutes ago, Screwball said:

You hosting it off your computer? Or did you use the link next to the paper clip below the text box?


Here's a direct link to the image.


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I have a field grade I picked out at CMP''s North Store.  Springfield receiver, VAR barrel, and mostly Beretta parts.  It has a Danish Crown cartouche on the stock. It's my best shooting Garand.

VAR barrels are known for their accuracy.

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11 hours ago, Scorpio64 said:

Was this a contract rifle brought back and sold through CMP?

Mine or yours?

Mine is not, it was a Century build on a Lithgow receiver. Bought it for the barrel (pretty much brand new), and if it didn’t work out, was going to have it and the parts put on a stripped receiver. Shuff looked it over, and said it was good... so had him redo it.



If talking about yours, is it a CMP rifle? People do look for these barrels, so can’t say it came with the gun or someone had it installed after being sold.

The VAR barrels are very accurate. Danes really did a good job with them.

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It could be... Denmark did return their Garands, and some were distributed by the CMP.

Some were also brought in as parts kits, and people built them (Century included).

Garands with VAR barrels sometimes have PB parts on them (mine came with Springfield and PB parts). Denmark and Italy received majority of the Garands out of NATO, post WWII. The Danes also bought rifles from Italy, since they got the machinery from Winchester. Interesting aspect of Garand collecting.

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