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Want to shoot some big bore? Really, really, big bore?

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No, even bigger than that...I'm talking about mortars of 2.5" to 12" diameter, in a professional fireworks display.


For a bunch of years, I've had this really cool, mostly-one-day-a-year part-time job as a crew chief for a fireworks company.   Occasionally, we need new shooters to join crews throughout NJ/PA, shooting municipal fireworks shows.   For my own crew, I've always tended to recruit chemists and (firearms) shooters, as they already have the requisite safety mindset, and I already know gun owners can pass the background check.

We're recruiting now, and holding a pyrotechnician training seminar on Feb 16.   The seminar (details below) is free, and the company provides breakfast and lunch.  The background check is also free.   Most people joining crews are only needed for July 4 (or an adjacent weekend day), plus availability for a rain date, though they do have a number of recurring shows at the Jersey shore, and various ball parks in the area.  My own crew is fully-staffed for 2019, but attending the seminar is a great way to get your foot in the door and meet other crew chiefs who may be hiring.  If you happen to have a CDL with a hazmat endorsement, you can probably be fast-tracked into a position--we're always looking for drivers.  Registration details are in the link below; you can also PM me if you have questions.   


Pyrotecnico has set the details for our Pyrotechnician Training and Safety Seminar in Westampton, NJ and we invite you to attend. We will be presenting a new and improved presentation complete with a game show ending.
The date is Saturday, February 16th, 2019 from approximately 8:00 am – 5:30 pm. Our seminars are 100% free to those that attend, and we will provide both breakfast and lunch.
Please visit our website at http://www.pyrotecnico.com/training to learn more. Pre-register yourself to attend by filling out the questionnaire on the right side of the screen under the "Training Dates and Locations" banner.
Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at kwilson@pyrotecnico.com.

Thank you,
-Kara Wilson

Logistics Manager | PYROTECNICO       www.pyrotecnico.com

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If you get a pyro. cert. there are stage jobs available also. Lots of pyros. at the rock concerts I have worked on. Some live theater also.

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57 minutes ago, Bringit99 said:

I don't see an option for training seminar in Westampton, NJ. Only in NH & NY.

You're right...it used to be there.   I'll email the company, and post here what I find out.   I may not get a response before Monday.

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My wife's brother is a pro.  He does shows and always needs crew.  If I was retired, I'd follow him around.   If you end up out at PGI, he holds a class C seminar every year which is great for amateurs to learn how to have great shows without getting involved with the ATF.

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9 hours ago, carl_g said:

This sounds really cool!!!

It's exceptionally cool--that's why openings don't come up too often.  

It is a lot of work, and a very long day/night to set up, shoot, and clean up the venue, but the reward is getting to set off 10's of thousands of dollars worth of professional fireworks that somebody else paid for.  :)

My crew does hand-fired shows, meaning at shoot time we are running up and down the mortar racks with highway flares lighting fuses.  The company also does computer-controlled electrically-fired shows, which allows for more creative control, but takes away the hands-on feel of lighting the fuses.

Here is a shooters-eye view of the finale from the Millburn show we did a couple of years ago.  The finale is all chain-fused together; I think there were about 700 shells in this one.

Millburn finale



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21 minutes ago, Bringit99 said:

Maybe that seminar is at capacity?  Let me know. Westampton is 15 min from me. I'm CDL/hazmat.

I’ve emailed the coordinator to see what’s up.  I’ll post back here when I get a response.  

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I heard back from Pyrotecnico.  They lost the venue they had scheduled for Feb 16, so for now they aren’t taking registrations for the NJ training seminar.  They are actively working to find another suitable venue that is available on that date.   If they can’t, they will consider another date.  

I’ll provide updates here as I receive them. 

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