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Time for a lever action, need some input

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7 hours ago, falcone said:

Ended up going with a Rossi 20” stainless. Will be picking it up from the FFL tomorrow or Monday. 

1892 Model?

I had one, piece of crap.  Bought it from Steve's Gunz, he said he got it running, but it needed special 'ammo'.......

BUT....other people I know who have them love 'em, and they run great.  I got the lemon.

People also seem to like the spring kits for them, helps smooth out the cycling.

And you get a good strong lockup of the bolt so you can feed it 357 loads....I don't know if the Winchester 66/73 linkage design can hold up to a steady diet of 357.......

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Yea the 1892 model. I’ve looked at lots of reviews and saw some that weren’t great but most were good. I’ll take it to the range and see how it performs and then I’ll go about cleaning and smoothing out the action and doing a spring kit. 

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