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Cleaned Up Winchester Gallery Gun

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This gun likely wasn’t shot for years, and from cleaning, I’d say it had quite a few .22 Shorts through it. Amount of lead I pulled out was unreal.

My father didn’t remember the gun from his childhood (one of four boys), but likely one uncle picked it up, and then was taken by another uncle after his death. Probably at least from 1997 until around 2002, this was underneath a bed... until my father found it when cleaning out my uncle’s bedroom after he died (second one who died). Was 14 at the time, so when we got it home, I cleaned the barrel, wiped it down, and it went in my father’s safe for 17 years. Had a shotgun I was looking to get rid of, so got that and another gun in trade from my father.

The rifle was not something I’d want to shoot in the state I got it. I though the magazine tube was welded to the barrel... due to grime in the gap. Fought me most of the way, but once I got the magazine rings off the barrel... I knew I was good to go.

While it isn’t that great looking, definitely a lot better than it was...









It is a Winchester 62 in .22 Short... but little oddity with how it is setup. Serial number puts the receiver as a Model 1906, which was the second model off the original 1890 Browning design. Winchester did put together a few of these as “cleanup guns” prior to World War II, but the serial number is a little low for that time. Works out to being produced in June of 1931. Yet, Model 62s weren’t started until spring of 1932. Barrel does not look to be a replacement from the proof marks. It also has a 62A bolt, as the firing pin stop is held in by pins... earlier design used screws for that. But unlike most Gallery Guns, this one matches both halves with the serial number.

Can’t wait to take it to the range, as the barrel looks great. I’m thinking an almost 88 year old gun would be a nice addition to my collection. But with the family ties to it, I really just want to keep it around to teach my children (when I have some) on it... as well as pass it down to them.

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If it weren’t due to the gang members using pump action .22 Shorts, it would be lead exposure.

My new schedule is going to be pretty awesome in regards to days off (12 hour days... anywhere from 3 to 7 days off in a row), but probably going to teach my girlfriend’s daughter how to shoot on it.

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