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    • An update on my Agile 52.  I have had it now for about 5 months and continue to be very happy with it.  I am not suggesting this is the best option for everyone.   But was the best for me. I would describe it as a very high quality RSC, as opposed to a hardened safe.   Will definitely keep my grandkids, visitors, etc from accessing my firearms.  Would also slow down a burglar.  However, I do also  have other layers of security(central station alarm, surveillance cameras, etc.).  I needed to secure my firearms on the 2nd floor of my home.  So buying a 1000+ lbs  behemoth was out of the question.  Nor did I want to worry about having to move a heavy safe if we change residences. The Agile 52, with it's cradle Grid system, while costly,  is extremely customizable and lets you take advantage of every nook and cranny to store your firearms and accessories.  I purchased the "Plus" version which included 6 bins and three metal storage trays.  Am using them all except for one of the storage trays.   I also purchased the optional large shelf.  This enables you to store four of your rifles up off the floor;  providing you space underneath for  ammo, etc.    It is mandatory to bolt it down so it is stable and not easily carried away.  In my case, I reinforced the bottom by purchasing some flat iron stock from Lowes/Home Depot and laying two strips of it across the bottom.  The floor bolts go through those and then through four e-drilled holes in the bottom.  I also put a lag bolt through the back panel into the wall.  I used pieces of the wooden slats from it's packing materials as a shim between it's rear panel and the wall.  (There was a gap due to the baseboard moulding.)   It will hold six long guns with inline access, as well as six handguns (with one or two using the pegs for inline access, the remainder can be stored on the aforementioned storage trays which sit against the back panel behind your long guns. Lastly, the Zanotti or SecureIT's other line of safes might be worthwhile considering for those who may want a more hardened option without the worry of the weight of the safe imploding your house.  
    • This is true, but if you look at those people, they seem to be your average middle class Joe6pack, not one offs.. Very few know what a silver/gold coin actually is, and even fewer know what they are worth. That's why using them will be really tough. Here's two more videos, one for a 1/10 gold coin versus candy bar, and the other, a 1 oz gold coin for $25. It will amaze you the stupidity of the sheep... Offering random people a free 1/10 ounce gold coin (worth around $140.00) or a free Snickers bar, Mark Dice tries to sell a 1 ounce solid gold coin for $25 outside of a coin shop in San Diego, CA. HINT- It's worth WAY more than $25, but does anyone want it?  
    • That video shows what idiots the general populace truly are!  Note that none of the lucky winners chosen were wearing a Yarmulke!
    • I am the boss so they would not dare go near my car!  As far as the rally goes, some 100,000 tickets were issued for a 7,500 seat venue! Those who get in will have to be in line at least 12 hours before.....I will watch it on TV if Fox airs it, which they usually don't anymore!
    • Need a wrench to do some wheel changing.  I have one somewhere in my hoarders mess of a garage.  Just need a wrench/breaker bar for a one off.  150lb+ ideally.   Also will buy it outright if you prefer.
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