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Misc AR parts and XDS Holsters

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 bushmaster A2 stock with buffer tube, spring, and buffer.  SOLD

carbine length hard guard- SOLD

Generic AR grip   Nothing fancy   Free if you buy something else and want it  

Generic AR stock with buffer tube, 2 springs, and buffer   SOLD

XDS kydex IWB holster made by United holsters for the 3.3" barrel.  Like new   SOLD

Crossbreed mini tuck IWB holster for the Springfield XDS  both my 3.3 and 4" barrel guns fit perfectly in it. barely used and a very high quality holster  -$40 shipped

Kydex trigger guard holster for the XDS  all sizes $8 shipped  

PayPal preferred  buyer pays fees or FF.  Tracking will be provided with shipping 












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I will take the generic grip and stock and buffer tube if they will work with a carbine length rifle and if they are milspec.  If you are in northwestern NJ, I can pick them up some time this weekend.



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