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Steiner M332 - Fixed 3x AR Optic $199

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If anyone is looking for a quality 3x fixed optic for an AR, Interstate Guns has the Steiner M332 with 5.56 reticle on sale for $199.

I played around with my buddies. It is excellent quality and if you like fixed power optics, this is a winner at 1/6 the price of an ACOG:


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    • I said numerous times in the other thread that the economies growth is slowing... I believe it peaked we are in a good economy and can only go but down.. and I think we just kick started that... but let's not rehash that..  I only brought up a discussion about the virus itself because its what's driving peoples behavior, specifically that governments use its transmittance, incubation, life cycle, and population dynamics to create plans to heed it off... creat quarantines when necessary, shut down industry etc.. A lot of what they are doing makes sense if this was a small localized outbreak... but this is way beyond that and I think China realized there too little too late overreaction did more harm than good. This is 100% fear driven, we have dealt with far worse viral diseases. I would say something is even driving this fear, but not gonna go off on conspiracies. 
    • never pay attention to the indexes.  they're bullshit for us peons.
    • I've been saying that for over a month, go back and look at the Wuhan virus thread. I said the risk was more economic and fear, not health. You are the one, in this thread, until just now, who has been referencing the virus itself as the risk and health issue. I'm glad you finally see the light now. That's true, the market, for the last few years, has been overdue for a correction. Then, add this on top of it, and it could push the globe into a MAJOR recession. Remember that that other thread the other day about 1 in 3 people running out of money before their next paycheck? What will this economic downturn do to them? Unfortunately, 80% of the market is controlled by "the machines", and when they get a sniff of bad news, they start feeding on each other, and there's nothing the humans can do at that point. Wait, what??? I said that the other day in the same thread I mentioned above, and you told me everything is going great, and there were no issues? When did you change THAT tune? The trend lines have been down since last Fall, if this Wu-Flu issue grabs hold, 1st and 2nd quarters this year will be bad.
    • I dont suggest that all didnt have an impact on the market as a whole, and people have been calling for a pullback, that the market was over valued for 2 years now...  all of what you said would have played a major role in a market correction sooner than later.. let's call this the kindling... Did this cause a massive sell off on the 25th? I doubt it.. most of those market fears have been around since last year... But on that day the CDC opens its mouth and the DOW drops that much? Almost every market report I read yesterday blamed it primarily on the CDCs report and the obvious projected economic issues that accompany it. Could we compare this to a spark?    This years market outlook was already not looking great from decembers reports, calling for economic stagnation... most companies were not projecting much growth already. Yet, the market remained relatively stable.   I do find it Interesting that china pulled back production because of quarantines over 2 week ago... and interestingly enough that the US market payed little attention to it. So why the delay? Did people actually think they had this under control over there? I don't know.   @Sniper this has nothing to do with the virus itself, and is 100% based on how people are responding to it..     
    • @Scorpio64 ... “ it’s actually pretty good “ @gleninjersey.... “ we do it once a month, long live the Grand Prix “ @DirtyDigz “ my girlfriend liked it”
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