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My police unity tour team is raffling a glock, donated by glock. Tickets are $20 with only 300 being sold. The winner has a choice of a G17,G19,G22,G23,G26,G27,G31,G32,G33,G42 or G43.   The gun is shipped directly from glock to your FFL. The winner will have the opportunity to chooseal a different model or add night sights at an additional cost. Tickets are available at https://mlfopstore.unionactive.com/product/2019-glock-pistol-raffle-3-9-2019/ or I can meet with tickets in the Mt Laurel or Turnersville area. The drawing will be held April 1st. 

All proceeds benefit Team Mount Laurel for the 2019 Police Unity Tour in support of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.


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21 minutes ago, Underdog said:

No Glock 48?  

The ones listed are the ones to choose from for free. If the winner wants a different model they can choose it for a small upgrade fee, i believe it's around$50.  I haven't seen this years certificate so I don't know if glock added it to the options. 

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1 hour ago, Ray Ray said:

But it doesn't sit right with Eytan Stern Weber, spokesman for the New Jersey chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, who said it was the first time he was aware of a raffle like this in New Jersey. He found it "unsettling" that such powerful guns are being auctioned off and could end up in the hands of people not as well-trained as police officers or members of the military.

"It is just a little difficult to see two extremely powerful pieces of weaponry on either side of a TV, as if they are in fact similar items," Weber said. "We understand … the PBA does good work and needs proper funding, but we believe that they are the ones that should have that [gun] power. Besides the military, that's not something that anyone else should have access to."

What an idiot. There is a reference to a .30 gauge shotgun in the article as well. These are the people that demand changes in gun laws. Morons. 

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