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14 minutes ago, SIGMan Freud said:

Yes, those of the SAAMI rim depth ranges for the chamber. Just wondering what S&W considers their spec. I measured my bolt depth and got 0.041" (with my cheap Chinese digital calipers). Do the gauge instructions tell you to just eyeball it or maybe run a credit card over it to make sure it's flush or lower (that is, doesn't get hung up passing from bolt to gauge)?

S&W does not mention the size, the send the gauge taped to a post card size color directions like the one on their web site. One picture shows it flush and days correct. The next picture shows it above the face of the bolt and says incorrect. The gauge fits perfect in the bolt so there is no mistake. Either it is above, which is no good or flush or slightly below which is correct.

No credit card is mentioned to test. 


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30 minutes ago, rtquig said:

Taking out my gauges, I would say the gauge they sent is 0.51, but 0.53 was also very close. It was hard to get an accurate definite answerer. I would say 0.51 would be okay.

Interesting, and that makes sense that they went with a thickness closest to the upper end of the 0.043-0.051" range. I haven't gotten my gauge yet, bit I'm fairly certain my bolt is slightly shallow. Mine is the Performance Center model and it was made in Nov of 2018. I measured mine multiple times and keep coming up with 0.041"

I wonder what depth causes the autofire? I saw one guy on the S&W forum that claimed his depth was 0.036" and he did not have any issues, maybe because of his ammo? I think the SAAMI spec for the cartridge rim is 0.036" to 0.043".

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I ordered mine on 3/11 and it came in the mail 3/21, so 10 days. 

I measured the gauge with two sets of calipers and the thickness is 0.035”. The gauge did not protrude above the bolt but was slightly below, which is consistent with my prior measurement of the recess depth for my gun being 0.041”. 

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